Friday, July 12, 2013


I wrote about the experience i had with a company some days ago and now i am beginning to get a little bit pissed off about things that are unfolding. How can someone try a 'reverse psychology' stunt on me?

I started this blog because i want to share my thoughts, my feelings, my adventures not for commercial purposes. I am not interested in doctoring my words. This blog is meant for my circle in life, friends and families. I don't really like other people outside my circle reading my blog and now that i wrote something that apparently putting me on the first page of google search on the particular issue, it causing a lot of fuss. If i was interested in my blog being like Linda Ikeji's blog then i might be happy but right now i am not. I feel like blogger should restrict my blog to only people i allow.

I am trying not to write the name of the particular company so that my little webspace doesn't pop up again because i want this to be over and done with. But there was no way i was not going to chip in something about this matter. This is MY BLOG and i would call the SHOTS when i want to!! And i think people have to understand that.

When i got the first call, i thought 'that was nice'. I thought that they actually felt i mattered and i smiled. When the next call came, my reaction was 'wow, they read my blog'. But now i am beginning to get pissed off and a little bit scared. Why? They have my number, have my work address, know what i do (all thanks to my big mouth) and due to my blog design, they know what i look like. I really am not impressed with the way things are handled. I wrote what happened to me in the way i felt and now i am been made to feel responsible for the success or failure of the company. Like for real?!!

I was going to try them again and write what happened then but i am so discouraged and want nothing to do with them again. I feel like wiping my records from their database. Making me feel like my post could cause the company to fail and people to lose their job is low, real low and i am not impressed. Maybe if it was said to another person, the person would not be bothered or offended but for me, i am offended and not pleased at all. I did not, absolutely did not like that statement at all. Makes me feel like i am mean person and by not doing what they feel i should do, i am responsible for a lot of people suffering.

I wonder what would have happened if i had written  the review and had left the country. Would they have been able to explain to me all the flaws (or rather the parts they didn't like) of my post? Really, they should think about it. If i had used a number that i don't normally answer or i now stop picking up their calls or stop calling back when i see their number (because the last two times they have called, i missed it but call back), what would happen? Just saying. I ain't impressed.

Anyway, i have updated my review. I removed a part of my original post and changed the post's topic but i basically left every other thing the same way because it is a honest account of what happened. If it was a lie i won't be angry about the calls but it is a honest account of what i went through. I don't regret writing my experience, i just regret allowing them to know that i was going to write it.

I am a little sad though. I really wanted to try the company again because it is nice knowing that i can order things from the U.S and pick up my stuff without people knowing that i ordered stuff (at the office pick up centre) and because i was glad that there was a Nigerian company carrying out such services.

Oh well.....*sigh, you lose some, you gain some. I would resume my search for another company. And if you didn't read my earlier post, i am sorry but you can still check out my updated post here and the follow up post here.

Petite Diva.

P.S: Hopefully i won't receive another call for this post #rme.


  1. yeye mowumi, eropese n ti igbin, ero ....!
    next time if you don't want Google to search you out, you should write in Yoruba...Lol.
    next time you get angry on your blog, I will close it down immediately...Lol, your big brother have spoken... what do you say 'yes sir'.

    1. Mo ti gbo. Maybe if you give them 100mg of Diazepam injection, i won't get angry again. But i would still fight you o. You just abandoned me like that ehen. No whatsapp, no facebook! How is my fellow 'man of honour'? Hope you are taking good care of her?

  2. The quality of service offered is a key part of the firms strategy and highly motivated and educated employees are a key to success.
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    1. Exactly! I couldn't agree more. So they should not claim that a post on my experience with them (as i was told that my post should not be called a review) would cause them to fail.


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