Monday, July 8, 2013


So most of my friends are married and those that are not married are engaged. Then some of my classmates are either masters degree holders or in the process of getting the degree. And me, i am single and don't have a second degree. Recently a senior colleague said she gives me till the middle of next year to either be engaged or married else we would have a major falling. Almost every month I am asked when I am getting married and while some people are subtle, some are downright mean with their words. A friend told me that I should better go and get married, that do I think I am getting younger, she point blank said  that ‘I am old!’. And she said so in front of some friends and people I didn’t even know. I felt bad that day but I remembered something and everything became better.

For people who have been reading my blog for a long time, you would remember that I once said I was almost on the border of developing depression. So after undergoing a healing process with God as my therapist, I have vowed not to allow people to cause me to be sad.

So whenever I am about to enter into a state of pre-depression, God reminds me that my race/journey is not the same with anybody’s at all. It could be a true 'live' word spoken into my heart when I am walking or at work when some words are said or it could be when I am reading a book or a devotional booklet (okay, here is a shameless plugging in of the devotional book I use, it is OUR DAILY MANNA by a pharmacist, Dr Chris kwakpovwe…#smiling but really it could be any book or thing) or a movie or someone who I know their history could pass by and I am reminded that God is in control of everything. Then like magic, the feeling passes away and I am perky (or at least better than before) as normal.

Basically every day we learn and I am learning different things and when some things happen I give thanks and appreciate all that I have right now. I appreciate all that I am learning because I know what I am learning is to make me a better person in the future. I appreciate what i have in my hands right now and like Moses in the Bible, i know that God can and would use what i have in my hands to help me fulfill my purpose in life.

So when my friend or friends, senior colleague, family members or other people ask me why I am not married or they try to make me feel bad about anything concerning my life, I just tell God ‘Did you hear that? Okay o God, over to you’. And he says ‘your journey is not their journey and when everything is perfect, when the timing is perfect, things would fall into place because my ways are not you ways’ (the words differ depending on the situations but you guys understand what I am trying to say). So with me receiving that confirmation from the maker of the universe, I look at the people and smile cos I know that I am not them, I am ME.

So right now, I enjoy every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year that I live and I know that by finding fulfillment with God and in the life that God has given, it causes me to have a peace and joy that knows no bounds. And that when other challenges come in life, that peace which passes all understanding shall be with me always and no one would be able to take it away from me.

I am not saying I don’t have some down days (who doesn’t?) but I am comforted by the fact that I know that when those days come, I would be able to rise above them (it might take a while but eventually it would happen) and have a reason to walk on sunshine almost every day.

I know that people might think I am sounding a bit defensive or something(i can't tell you how to think). But people’s words have caused some people who are not blessed to have been as strong or would I say to have come to understand life the way I do, to tip over the edge. We have heard cases of suicide because they compared their lives with others and came to the conclusion that their lives meant nothing. So I just felt it was time I shared what I felt with you guys and hopefully someone out there would be able to understand their own journey and live a better and fulfilled life.

And before someone goes off on me for my recent posts, this is a blog about me, a blog on the lessons I learn in life. It is not a strictly gossip, hair, fashion, health, gist blog, it is about everything I am and feel. And lately this is what I feel. Tomorrow I might want to talk about fashion or hair however my hope is that my blog achieves something positive in your lives.

Would be travelling home soon, Yay!! Hope I enjoy my stay at home. Before I forget, thanks to all my facebook friends who bother to click on the link on my page and read my blog, you guys are amazing. All my readers are amazing. And guess what folks? I have found a way to share the link from my facebook page to my twitter page, whoop! Whoop!!. I am so excited that my twitter followers can know when I write a post immediately I do. You all can follow me on twitter, my i.d is @Bimbola25. I don’t tweet much (cos I really I am restricted by the 150 words stuff) but I do post some pics now and then as I am not on instagram....#smiling. 

Gotta run now guys, hope to write soon.

Luv ya very much,
Petite Diva

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