Thursday, November 10, 2011


On the 9th of September, 2011 when the beat fm in Lagos was celebrating their 2nd anniversary the most fabulous petite diva on this planet (see me psyching myself o!) was making a fool of herself.

What did I do? I kinda of got drunk. People! I said kinda of, which means I was not fully drunk. I was “overly tipsy” (is there a word like that?). I had 2 bottles of Smirnoff ice and a little amount of star without any prompting. For those who know me, my limit is ¾ of a bottle so you can imagine what 2 full bottles would do to me. Now I know the big question you guys want to ask: ‘WHY DID I DO IT?’ Well……. I was feeling kind of low and in a ‘I don’t give a damn’ kind of mood.

Earlier that day I had gone to see the CMD of the hospital that I want to work in ‘cos he had promised me a job but was unable to do so (note to every1: never believe any CMD until they have fulfilled their promise). I started wondering why I stayed back in akwa ibom and was just feeling like I had made a terrible mistake. I have no family here, I am in a strange land and the people I really connected with are all gone. Then to crown it all, the one person in the state that always seemed to be able to lift my spirit decided to invite another girl to an outing that I had thought would be just 3 of us (another guy was to join us).

Folks get prepared cos this entry is about to get emotional. To the boyfriend, you might not like this but things have to be written. The words won’t be nice but it is what I feel.

Let’s go! So back to my foray into the land of alcohol, I got to the bar (those who have been following my blog know the place, ‘Gent’s Lodge’) saw the guys and the girl. I was introduced to the girl. What really increased my terrible mood was that I had seen the girl when I went to the hospital. She had come to see him at the time I wanted to see him but I didn’t even wait to see him when I saw her.

Why? You might ask. Well, like I have told him that I noticed that whenever there is another female around he seems to forget that I exist and I didn’t feel like waiting for him. I sent a text that I had gone and he didn’t even reply or call. I called him about 1 hour before he decided to let me know that he had gone there with the girl.

The most annoying part about the girl is that she had a history with one of his family member. And like I said, he did that ‘ignoring me act’ so I guess I went ‘wild’ by my standards. I really acted stupidly, he warned me but I told him to mind his business.

I felt light headed at a point and wanted to go but he didn’t let me. So I stayed and was chatting on my phone. I kept saying I wanted to go home especially after I saw him doing something I absolutely can’t and won’t stand but he won’t let me. He kept saying that someone was coming to take me.

So I waited and felt like crap ‘cos I have done something that is against what I am. Oh! I would also like to say he had asked me if I would like to go to the club (that I have never been to) which was at the prompting of the ‘female’. I said no! We waited for the guy with the car to come but it became too late for me to go home ‘cos there is a 10 ‘o clock curfew (that is when the gate is locked) in my house (I finally found a place after 3 weeks) and I didn’t want to disturb the whole compound. That meant I was stuck with them. So it was time to pick the female and her friend (after so much turning around looking for where they were).

By then I was really feeling like an idiot. I am not like everyone and I would never be like all the other outgoing females yet I was trying to be what I was not. I am just me. So I actually wanted to just stay in the car and sleep after thinking of what I had done. I entered the club and the events that happened were a lesson for me but that is a story for another day (tomorrow I promise).

So after that day I realized that I would never be like all the other females and that I was specially made, customized. So here is my statement, you can quote me.

My name is OMOWUNMI ABIMBOLA MONISOLA OSINUBI. I am the ‘PETITE DIVA’ (no other petite diva can stand me), I run this blog, I am a pharmacist with a vision to be one heck of a pharmacist that would make the world stand up and give Nigeria a standing ovation for having the pleasure of me being a Nigerian. I am a fierce female that would make her guy feel like a king, I am a future mother of great children, I am a princess of nations, the queen bee to be specific, I am blessed, I am not of this world, I am severely fierce, I am shy, I absolutely hate talking in public and have an accent so don’t pronounce some words well. I am not your average leggy, outgoing, and beautiful, ass shaking, grinding club hopper BUT I repeat again, I AM OMOWUNMI ABIMBOLA MONISOLA OSINUBI! I AM ME! WORLD TAKE NOTICE!

I think I should stop here today. I definitely would continue the story tomorrow. It should make quite an interesting read.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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