Saturday, July 30, 2011


It has been quite a while since I wrote. I guess I have been busy and not in the mood to write. I have been busy looking for the job that I want. I have been so consumed by trying to get it that everything has been abandoned.

When I was still serving the image that I had in my mind was that by 1st of July I would have started working but the image and reality are two different things. This is the 30th day in July and I have not been given the job but….. there is a reason for me to be grateful.

I may not have secured the job that I set out to have but I have found something that would keep body and soul together. I am starting on Monday folks, so wish me all the best as I finally act like a registered pharmacist. Strange, sometimes I don’t believe I am a pharmacist. Well, the certificate says so. so i had better act like one!

Now the biggest problem i have is finding a flat. It is amazing after going to a school where there was no campus accommodation and you had to look for a place outside you would think that i would be able to understand what goes on in finding a place. However the difference between school days and now is that the house rents were not ridiculously high for useless places that you could barely move in.

How can someone expect me to pay 100k for a cubicle and pay for 2 years! I must build a fantastic house in this state and show them how things should be done. It is just highway robbery! Jeez! And the house agents I have are like'no taste human beings'. I have seen disasters that human beings are supposed to leave in. I don't have a ridiculous high taste, i just need a place that i don't regret paying for. a house that says 'petite diva'. Is that too hard for Akwa Ibom people? Yikes!

LORD,this is a petite diva emergency! I need a 1 bedroom flat that says 'petite diva crib', with light (that the transformer is still working and PHCN has not forgotten the area but gives them light for more than 7 hours a day), water that is clean, security (you are the best security), neighbours that are nice, that the landlord or landlady does not lock the gate at 9 pm (cos you know a girl has to have fun sometimes and may come home at 10pm on some days) and so much little details that is between you and me, In Jesus Name, AMEN.

So I guess that is all that has been going on in my life lately. Oh! I almost forgot to inform you guys that my boyfriend is now an ex (you know the one that the 'guys' said was not good for me, the one I said I would give the benefit of doubt…remember?). Well I guess I got fed up. I knew I had to end it when I didn’t believe anything he said and when I would rather spend time with others than with him. So i finally got fed up of acting like everything was okay and he knew it so we just went on seperate ways.

So do I miss him? NO! HELL TO THE HELL NO! I just miss the fact that he liked to buy me stuff. I guess after being used to buying things for yourself it is nice to have someone taking care of you like that but apart from that nothing more. So am I free now? Free from lies, yes! Free from distrust, yes!

But am I free in other words am I single? Technically….. yes and no. Confusing? I know. I am in the early stage of something and I am not defining it yet so I don’t know. What I do know is that I am enjoying being with this person for now. Maybe we would define it later but for now I know that I am free from all the previous drama and I love where we are now. So sue me if you don’t like it. I am taking everything slow and steady this time. I am not putting any hopes but I trust God to do what is best for me.

There you go folks my life in the past month. Very boring right? Whatever…. I am not in the right mood to use my imagination to make it interesting. I NEED A FLAT!

Till I am in a better mood to write, I remain the fabulous petite diva.

Luv ya

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