Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Seriously folks, you all need to chill out. The last couple of days I have posted some entries that would have shocked a lot of people (and entertained a little bit I hope) and the reactions have been incredible. From the teasing types to the almost insulting remarks to the thought provoking questions.

So here is what I have to say. To a lot of folks, the first response you would have to my entries is ‘what is the big deal?’ People get tipsy, people go to clubs, so what is the whole freaking drama with my experience? The big deal is that while people were experiencing all this stuff I was cocooned in my own world. I was basically a parents’ girl (not mummy’s or daddy’s girl, both!) and I was burying my head in my books so that I can keep my GPA above a certain level. I was doing other stuff alongside book reading that I didn’t have time for any other time zapper. I have been miss prim and proper (at least I have tried to be) so now I just want to have new adventures to make my life less boring.

I know that I am late but I think that I have been late for everything. I keep saying I am a late bloomer. I get there late but I get there with so much pizzazz, drama and I would say diva swagger that everybody is forced to acknowledge that someone spectacular was there. I probably would film the delivery of my kids and post it on my blog (God sparing my life) cos I am crazy like that and anybody that does not like it can go to 3rd mainland bridge and jump in the ocean.

I also know sometimes I am na├»ve and act a little bit younger but I think that as long as I don’t hurt myself and continue to act proper, it shouldn’t hurt. At least I hope so. I guess sometimes I am too trusting and believe that humans have a little good in them. So sue me if that is wrong but that is the way I grew up.

Then some people think that the boyfriend is a bad influence on me but I don’t think so. He does a lot to protect me but I am stubborn. I am so freaking fed up with being protected. I want a chance to go out there, take chances, experience some things, make mistakes and learn from them so that I can be a better person in future. A good mentor to kids and a great mum to my offsprings. Everybody who knows me well can tell you that I am strong willed at times, when you tell I can’t do something I just go crazy and would do that thing (if I know the consequences would not be disastrous).

The boyfriend is also a ‘has done or has been’. A ‘has done or has been’ is someone who has done all the stuff that are kinda of wild to me and has been reformed to the ‘it is overrated let’s avoid’ person. So when I think I know it all and wanna try crazy stuff, he draws me back.

Oh yeah! For all you wild imaginations humans, nothing happened after the club experience. Instead of a rosy time, that was when the fighting, the crying, the arguing and the pain started. From that day onwards we have had so many lover’s tiff and arguments that I sometimes wonder whether going on our separate way would be much more calmer. However since I ain’t no Kim Kardashian and I am not selling the rights to viewing my relationship to E! network, we have decided to work on it. Hopefully we would make it longer than 72 dyas…….lol(I am such a bad girl but I couldn’t resist it).

I gotta run. I am presenting a patient case tomorrow and I have to prepare. I so hate public speaking and now I am forced to do so, thanks to some baby interns who we have to spoon feed till they have teeth to crack bones……arggghhh!

Hope to be back soon.
Luv ya,
Drama queen/petite Diva.

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