Monday, November 14, 2011


Lately I have been having bouts of depression which I would talk about it in another entry. I am literally soaking up sheets of tissue (means I am always crying) anytime I have an episode.

Every time the feelings come and I want to start my pity party, I talk to the boyfriend. He is so sweet and tries to prep me up. One of his reasons for me to be grateful is that ‘I got him’. He thinks he is so fly, right? I don’t think so. He is just trying to make me see that I should be grateful for what I have.

So i was forced to take a good look at my life and realized I am blessed. I am alive, I know a lot of people who are dead and would gladly switch places with me. I have a family complete with my dad, mum, brother, uncles, aunties, cousins, a vast step family and a wonderful grandma. Oh! I have a boyfriend that wants the best for me (and makes me smile 80% of the time).

I have also discovered thanks to all ya comments that I can write. I actually think this could be the talent I have always prayed for (I would have loved singing as a talent but hey God knows best). Let’s see how it goes but I kinda doubt that I know how to write. I would talk about it later.

Even with all that I have when I see someone who is achieving what they had set out for, I get a little sad cos I have some dreams that have not been fulfilled. I forget about all that I have achieved or can achieve and go downhill. I have had severe episodes when I have cried buckets or almost a small bucket. I called the boyfriend and he tried to be my knight in shining armour. But……I know that it is up to me taking control of my emotions, I found at that when I am down, praying helps a whole lot.

I also noticed that it kinda of creeps up when my little visitor is about to come. I never had PMS but now I seem to have it every month (what is with that?). So my remedy is to pray a lot (pray away my moods), be thankful for everything I have got and be focused.

Why did I write this entry? You guys might think that I must be insane to write this (maybe I am) because I am revealing an intimate detail. I however discovered that a lot of us actually have these mood swings. I was not the only one so i don’t have to feel angry or terrible because I was going from the high end of the happiness spectrum to the lower end in the space of days. I am actually quite human. I have to accept it and fight it.

I also want those who are going through what I am experiencing to know that we can overcome it. We would be happy and sad at different stages of our life but putting your trust in God and counting your blessings works some serious wonders.

I saw this recently and would love to share it with you.
1. Prayer prevents panic.
2. Count your blessings to forget your problems.
3. If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it.
4. There is no ‘key’ to happiness. The door is already open.
5. Fear God who saves your soul, not those who can harm your body.

Hope it helps folks. I have to go. I wish you all joy and happiness, i know need it too.
Luv ya, Petite Diva.

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