Friday, November 18, 2011


Hey guys, as you all know I am presently on night call and was feeling uninspired to write then something really weird happened. An ex decided he had the right to say some crazy things to me.

What you might ask? Don’t worry I would be sure to give you the full download. Here goes, he said and I quote “I have a psychiatric problem. It is a personality issue. I have an antisocial issue. I should see a psychiatrist before I run mad and walk stark naked in the market”. That he is blessed that we didn’t end up together, that he can’t believe that I hid my crazy behavior from him. He also said that he is not trying to belittle me but trying to give me a piece of advice for my own good.

I was stunned, shocked out of my element and could barely say anything. So i just said thank you. I had a moment of sadness but it passed and I was able to smile to myself. Why? Because he is but a man, he has the right to say what he likes that is what is called freedom of speech. In that brief moment of sadness I said a word (or words) of prayer and I was able to smile. Last time I checked he ain’t God and last time I checked I don’t owe him any explanation for my activities.

I couldn’t reply him cos I had other things to do and I didn’t feel like at that time. Now this is my reply to him.

Yes! I have issues! Yes! I get a little sad or moody at times (please who doesn't?) and yes! I might not like going out much but that does not mean that I would end up naked and raving mad on the streets. You had the guts to tell me all that when you are not God. Even if you have demonic powers you words would not have any effect. I have a bigger power backing me up. I am not a saint or worthy of his protection and love but he has always had my back.

You say that you are blessed that you didn’t end up with me, I say likewise. I don’t regret hooking up with you. Why should i? I saw a whole different world and I became bolder. I may have made mistakes but i have learnt from them and picked myself up. I am finally able to take steps I was reluctant to take and with the mistakes I made with you I am a better person for my present man. I thank God that you actually said what you said. I don’t know what is eating you up and I don’t give a hoot. I am just going to concentrate on being a better person.

People say when you are on top or going to greater heights some people would try to bring you down but that is for people that have something or are doing something spectacular. I don’t have much, okay maybe I have a job, a new guy, family, some friends and my life but that is about all. Let it not be said that I am not grateful, I am but I don’t think I qualify for a ‘bring her down kind of attitude’.

Anyways I have decided that this write up would be the end of the matter. I actually feel sorry for him. I wonder what happened to him this night that he had to say those things. I hold no grudge and forgive him. Life is too short and hey, he gave me what to write this night. So I am grateful for the words (kinda of like turning your lemons to lemonade).

Hope you guys are not shocked. I just had to write this. I have to go now. I really hope there are no emergencies tonight. I need to sleep well and not be woken up every 30minutes.

Luv you guys,
Petite Diva.

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