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One thing everybody knows that I am not feeling being here is this weather……My God!! I have said it and I would say it again, British people need to pray for forgiveness but I guess their sin is not as much as the Russians. I just found out that some cities in Russia have a degree of -65oC……What is that?! That is worse than a freezer……
Anyway the weather is not only cold but drying. Naïve little me, when I arrived I was applying a moisturising lotion I got when I was in South Africa (yes, I still have it…..don’t shout. I realised when I was leaving Uyo that it and many other things I bought were in my box). And to make matters worse I was wearing pop tights aka panty hose just to try and keep my legs warm when I wear gowns or skirts. I even wear them under my jeans /material trousers. I know that it is wrong but anything to keep warm.

One day as I removed my clothes I noticed my skin was looking really ashy but I thought that maybe I didn’t apply enough lotion. But when I noticed that in less than 2 hours after applying the lotion after my bath my skin was scaly looking I knew it was time to bring out the big guns.

Black don’t crack and after hearing different glowing comments from people on my skin and my looks I was not about to allow this weather mess up the good work God has helped me to do. So what did I do? I went all out…..I WENT AFRICAN ON ITS ASS!! I went back to my roots, I went to what my Grandma has been using for years and what people are just realizing its benefit and ready to put up with its smell. I am sure you have guessed it. I brought my original African, Nigerian grown; Yoruba processed SHEA BUTTER AKA ORI. The wonder inexpensive butter for hair and skin!!

When I was coming I made sure that I bought some o. I had already whipped some for my hair but when I saw that my box was looking heavy and full I decided just to bring the raw one. So when I noticed the way my skin was looking, I knew this was not the time to go ‘processed’ but ‘grandmother style’. They say that Black don’t crack and I was not about to allow mine to be the first to crack.

Since I don’t like to use plain shea butter, I decided to whip it with just a little bit of some of the oils I have. And nope, this time I didn’t use my manual power. I used a George home food processor to whip up some yummy goodness for my skin (here is a good one to try Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor, Black).

I added a little bit of NOW Foods Lavender Oil, 4 ounce
, Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil-34 oz. - First Cold Press
 and Glycerine to make it even more moisturising. The food processor made life so much easier for me. So I was ready for the weather, right? WRONG!! 

I don’t know what was wrong but even after using my whipped shea butter my skin was looking ashy. I was contemplating using it and adding a little bit of oil when applying it on my skin when I decided to use it along with my lotion. EUREKA!! Nope, I didn’t run out naked… but I have noticed a remarkable change. Bye bye to ashy skin and hello fab and moisturised skin. The difference is clear like the 7up advert used to say. 

My skin is back to its normal state and I even think it is looking better. Maybe I am wishing for it to look better, I don’t know but what I do know is that my skin is no more ashy looking…..Hallelujah!
Here is how it looked after whipping….

For my body.....
I put small in a tiny tub to carry around for my hands
Yummy goodness, right?....... Unfortunately I don’t have a before and after picture. And there is no way I would stop using my shea butter just for a picture…..Sorry guys.

Okay, folks that is all for today. I have to run.. I do hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Thanks for stopping by,

Luv ya,
Petite Diva….


  1. don't crack mehn..shiiii..hehe.


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