Sunday, October 25, 2015


Nottingham Castle...
Hey guys, this is Lady Wunmi of Nigeria I am sure you are all like what is wrong with her today. Well on the 24th of October a friend and i went to see Robinhood and his merry men.....Yes, we did. We really did.

We saw the Big, Bad Sheriff and King Arthur.... I am not lying o. There was a Robinhood Pageant hich was a re-enactment of robinhood and all that went on during his time. Oh! You guys don't know that Robinhood came from Nottingham. Well, the whole Robinhood story was based in Sherwood, Nottingham.

The day was cold and rain had been falling throughout the day. We thought we were not going to make it but somehow we left our homes and decided to see Robinhood. We had no cllue where to get the tickets or where it was holding but with Google maps in our hands (phones) we somehow found the way there. But we were early so we decided to go window shopping which eventually translated to buying things.

We went back and it was time for the show to begin. I became a kid again.....And with all the anxiety, sadness and homesickness i have been feeling, it was just what i needed.

I laughed, i booed, i took pictures, i smiled, i became a lady, i curtsied to a make believe King Arthur and i saw Robin Hood and his merry men. It was cold but it was worth it....

Okay, enough talking and more pictures......Enjoy.....P.S: It was held on a real Castle Ground......Nottingham Castle..

Silly Pose near a

Lady Wunmi Of Nigeria and King Arthur.......You see, i am a Lady too

Lady Caroline and Lady Wunmi

The Castle Grounds

Parade of Entertainers.....

Yaaay!! Jousting time......

Yaaaying for Robinhood and Booing for the Bad Sheriff

Did you feel the medieval aura? I did.....It smelt like medieval times. The knights, the town crier, the jousting was incredible.... I feel rejuvenated. Now back to serious reading.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed today's post.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.....

Cameras to capture the great moments

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  1. It's cool you had fun and of course took pictures to create memories....


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