Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Hello guys, so yesterday was World Chef day so I decided since I am a chef wannabe (in my head) to do a 'food that I was experimenting with aka made' post to celebrate all the great chefs out there.

Being a chef wannabe is not easy, I can't imagine being a real chef and having to cook for hundreds and thousands of people. It is not just cooking, it als involves the food lookin great and it doesn't send people to the toilet.

Well here are some evidences of my cooking experiments.....Enjoy....
Veggie rice (carrots and red scotch pepper), Baked beans, Chicken and  chicken stew
Unripe Plantain porridge 
Indomie Chicken Noodles and lots of veggies with minced turkey sauce
Fruit plain cake and chocolate cake

I hope you enjoyed looking at the outcome of my experiments.

Before I go I have some solid gist for you guys. Remember the article I wrote for my school blog (click here to read it), well this morning my course coordinator sees me and says 'I read your blog entry and it was really lovely'. And I was like how? When? Where? How? All in my head..... I felt really shy. I was here for school and they were knowing me for writing on blogs.

Anyway she says something about other scholarships and using my article for something. When I went to meet her later, she says that she wants to re-post it on our division's Facebook page to help the prospective students that have applied to the school or want to apply to have a student's perspective on scholarship application.

I feel blessed that what I wrote is being re-posted and bringing me a little bit of recognition as a blogger/writer...... I am feeling like a celeb One of my classmates said I would soon reach a stage they would be asking for my autograph..... Yeah, right! Instead I would love to buy or build a house like Linda Ikeji's own or better than that for my family. Autograph signing can wait o......... Oh well, if wishes were horses beggars would fly.

I have to go. Thanks for stopping by....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.....

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