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Magic School Bus....

We are going on a field trip……yaaayy! Now let us get on the magic school bus……ta da tad a….we are on the magic school bus….cross the river of love, come on the magic school bus, the magic school bus…..#singinganddancing….. 

Hey guys, I just remembered one of the cartoons I used to watch and love. It was called the 'Magic school bus' (I think). The teacher had a magic school bus and they used to go on field trips that would teach them about science. Sometimes they would shrink so small and enter someone’s blood stream to teach them about the blood system. One episode they entered the water purifying system of the water works to learn about the ways water is purified and how it gets to their taps.

Well my course coordinator/lecturer took my classmates and I on a field trip too….yaay. But sadly she doesn’t have any magical powers so no magic school bus for us…..#wailing. I want a magic school bus ride too……..#wailingandrollingonthefloor……lol
And before you say ‘you are enjoying o’, it is part of a course so trust me it was not all fun and games. Even though it was kind of nice, nope scratch that it was really nice. It was educating and entertaining
Thackery Medical museum is located in Leeds (so technically my heading should be ‘adventures in leeds’) and we took a bus from Nottingham (I thought I was going to miss the bus with all my 'late coming' bad habit but fortunately I got there on time). 

The museum shows the development of public health and clinical medicine from medieval times. It shows what exactly used to happen years ago, how various people risked their lives to make sure that we have the preventive medicine and medical discoveries that we have right now.

On one floor, we see how the nurses used to dress, medicine/healthcare during world war 2, how vaccines were discovered, how people lived and a part of interest to me, an old chemist and druggist shop (and as a proper modern chemist and druggist I made sure I took pictures there….lol)
Pharmacy of old and a bit of new I think.....

On another floor, we saw the development of surgery, dentistry and medicine. It is amazing all the discoveries that were made by accidents, by hypothesis and by deliberate trial and error.

Some things that struck my mind was the fact that science and indeed medical practice is where it is today because of risks. The scientists of old did not have what we have today; all they had was their guts and intuition. They were ready to take risks if it meant that humanity would live longer.

Some of them died really relatively young but their works are what we are benefiting from today. As I went through the different displays, I saw the spirit that most medics lack nowadays. They had a passion to improve the health of people. Some of my classmates were like ‘these guys were really doing nonsense’ but i thought ‘these guys were doing all that they could at that time’. And because of their bravery we have seen better ways to do things.

Another thought was ‘we need help in Africa’. There was a street called Victorian Street which stank LIKE HECK!! I was a bit slow in going though the displays so I was way behind the guys. When one of my classmates asked me if I had gone there, I said ‘no’. So he took me there. The first thing I noticed was the horrible smell then the scary looking, filthy looking, nausea inducing structures. I literally wanted to run out. At a point I thought I was going to throw up. 

The street display was to show how the people of old used to live. The amazing part after I struggled to allow him lead me through the street display was I realised that there are some places in Nigeria that are like that.

See why I said ‘we need help in Africa’. The museum has made me really angry with our leaders. Nope, the whole coming to school here has made me really mad. Imagine today I went to three of our campuses and I didn’t spend a dime on transport. I walked to some parts (as they have designated bus stop and won't stop for anything on the road) and took free buses. There are free buses (not one bus o, busessssssss) that link majority of their campuses. In Nigeria, I always paid to go from one campus to another and sometimes most of them are really far.

Anyway i can say I had a nice time but I refused to go to the cemetery to the amusement of my course coordinator and classmates. There is a limit to my bravery and cemeteries are not my cup of tea abeg. I followed them to the gate and walked back. No need seeing ghosts during the day time and in my dreams…..no sireeeee. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Instead I went to browse through the gift shop, the plan was to window shop and not buy anything since the things were expensive but I couldn’t resist getting this…..
It is a pack of tissues....
I am weird right? But it is true na. I still don’t have anything to wear…..lol

Okay, I have to run. I have a mountain of things to do. We have just had a week of lectures and I already have a mountain of things to do. What would happen when it is a month of lectures? Would I be buried under the mountain of work…….I need to get my acts together. There is no time for unnecessary play o (but there would always be time for necessary play).

Thanks for stopping by…..

Luv ya,
Petite Diva…

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