Friday, October 23, 2015


Hey guys, i am trying to be perky today but it seems it is not happening. I had issues with one of my documents and it was supposed to be sent to me today but after practically waiting at the door of my house from 9am till now, no mail man has shown up.

I have tried calling the office but they seem to be out of office hours. I really am not happy. Then i am feeling a little bit home sick.

I have tried to make sure that i don't feel too home sick but today the feeling is creeping up slowly. I thought i could prevent myself from feeling home sick by bringing some things that remind me of the people at home.  For example my abonki balmssssssss, yes balmsssss because she loaded me with 8 of them was given to me by my grandmother, the perfumes i use were given to me by one of my friends in Uyo and My Assistant director of Pharmaceutical Services (OPD) in Uyo. A lot of items i use here were taken aka stylishly stolen from home and they remind me of my Mother and My Brother.

Then to make me feel like i am back at home, i try to cook more frequently so that i don't have to eat a lot of the British food (okay so that also helps with saving money and not having any unpleasant tummy reaction).

Then i have been trying to go out once in a week so that i don't feel bored and too locked up in the house and miss home.

My strategies seem to have been working fine until today. Maybe it is my disappointment with the delivery people that is making me sad and predisposing me to the homesickness feeling, i don't know. But i don't like it and i do hope it goes away soon.

I think i would go and watch some movies on Youtube and hopefully the feeling would fly away.

I have to go now.

Thanks for stopping by....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....

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