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Hey guys, I know right.  I have been such a runaway diva. Popping in once in a while and keeping you all hanging…. I am so sorry but I know you guys understand. It has been somethingelse here. I thought I could handle all the pressure of coming back to school after a long while because I was already doing a post graduate course in Nigeria but boy was I wrong. The amount of photocopies and books that we have to read and the writing of essays as our assessment is amazing. Everything is write thousand words here, 3 thousand words there.  Very soon they would hit us with the big one…..10,000 words dissertation…..God help me!!

Before I go to the main issue of today’s post, guess what guys…..MY ARTICLE GOT PUBLISHED IN MY SCHOOL’S BLOG!!! Whoop! Whoop!! Whoop!!! #dancingetighi….lol. Actually if you follow my facebook page and instagram page you would know that it got published a while ago but I have been too busy to tell you guys here. I am so sorry……
I wrote on winning a scholarship using my experience and some of my classmates’ experience (honestly I am beginning to think that every international student in my class is on one scholarship or the other….just shows you how generous my school is). Anyway in case you or anyone you know would benefit from reading it, click here

And please when you read remember to comment. Did I say comment? I meant PLEASE COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT AND COMMENT. I would love to write for the school blog again and only you guys can make it happen so……please comment…..pretty please….#thankya

So even with all the mountain load of articles, books, notes and assignments, a girl still need to have fun…right? What is the point of travelling thousand of miles from home only to be locked up in the house. So the plan until almighty exams come around or the full blown ice block weather (aka winter) comes around, is that the diva would be going to NON EXPENSIVE okay let me say it CHEAP! YES, CHEAP!! fun, adventurous places once a week. Don’t laugh at me o, the girl is watching every penny…..I can’t afford to be dead broke here. That won’t be funny. And seeing as I have been unable to get a job yet, we got to watch the pocket.

Where did I go to? GOOSE FAIR….Yaaaayyyyyy! I know what you are thinking….Nope, there was no geese (or is it goose?)......let me consult the oracle of google…. Google says Geese….. Anyway Goose fair is a fair that holds for a period of five days every september/October and it is basically an amusement park.

You cannot imagine how excited I was to know about it. I have missed going to amusement parks. Not necessarily because of the rides but because of the cotton candy aka candy floss *coversmyfaceandruns. So a couple of my friends/classmates, my flatmates and I set out in this ever increasingly cold weather (honestly these people need to pray and ask God to send some real good sun to them. They need it, I need it!) for some gravity defying fun. Actually they were the ones interested in messing with nature, me I was just fine with eating my candy floss. 

You should have seen the big bag of cotton candy I got…..I didn’t eat it all o (don't begin to scream). I shared it with my friends but I did get to eat a sizeable amount. My flatmate remembered that the cotton candy was remaining when we left the fair the next day and she asked me what happened to it. What do you think? #lipssealed

Anyway as we approached the fair grounds, the guys said they were going to try some of the outrageously looking, vomiting inducing, heart removing rides and I told them NOT ME AND YOU!! I am not insane enough to enter those rides.

I would rather stick to safe looking ones. Imagine being hoisted up to about the height of a 20 storey building and then something swinging you like a shot put hamstring (I hope that is what that bell and chain thing is called) that a shot put athlete does just because I want to have fun. No way o, my family did not send me here for such rough play. No way! I told them that I was not going on the rides even if I was paid to enter. What of if one screw loosens when you are up in the air….nope, not going ever.

Anyway my flatmate tried some of the death defying rides (girl has got some stamina) and the guys tried only one of the rides and they were terrified. They vowed not to enter any of such rides again (I am still laughing at the memory of their faces when they came down from the ride). They said that at one point on the ride they gave up and were prepared to meet their God….In other words they were ready to die…… Who sent them message…..mtssshhheeewwww…..Chickens….hahaha

So what did this chicken aka me enter? I decided to enter a ride that was like half a circle and spun around because at least it looked less dangerous and it was on solid ground. My mistake!! The ride was crazy. I noticed that some men (staff) were on the ride in between the different seats but I had no idea what they were doing. Only for me to realise that not only does the ride itself spin but the guys also gave the seats a good 'out of this world' spin.  So it is like……I don’t know how to explain it but it was crazy. At a point I started praying for the ride to stop, I was so over it. When I realised what the staff were up to, I begged one not to spin the seats again. I was THROUGH!!

I couldn’t get my bearing for some minutes after the ride ended…..what was that? The rides were crazy and I just realised that people had serious guts entering rides like they were paid to do so. Since everyone was fed of messing with their lives, we walked around and I tried my hands on throwing darts. I thought I could win a minion teddybear……well I ended up making the stall owners richer because I super flunked at it….#sadface #mymoney

All in all, it was a fun night and I am glad we went there. So that is all guys….my adventure at the goose fair. I think it is time for me to go. I hope to write more frequently. I am drafting a blog posting time table that I hope i can adhere to. 

I need to go and take care of my swollen lips. Apparently I am allergic to an orange juice I bought in a supermarket. I don’t know how I can be allergic to orange juice! The other time I had a swollen lip, I ate a sugar free cookie that I bought for my mom. I am beginning to think I am allergic to healthy foods…

Thanks for stopping by and please remember to check out my post for my school.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva…..

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