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Gabriel Wikstrom
When I saw the picture above, my first thought was wow! Hawt! But when I found out that he was Swedish public health minister, I did a double check and a double wow. Then I found he is 29 years, my eyes were almost popping out.

Let me explain my reasons. Number 1, he is good looking. Number 2, he is a minister (not a commissioner o) of public health, Number 3, he is not yet 30. Can you understand why he is amazing to me? A young guy that is made a minister in a country must have done really well for the prime minister and other legislators to deem him worthy of being in that position.
He has gotten a lot of attention because of his looks and so many proposals on his twitter page (I hope he doesn't run away though, I want to know what stuff he is made of). However according to, he says he is flattered by the attention but he hopes he inspires young people to join politics for the right reasons. Imagine he is hoping he does very well in order to inspire to be better (I am praying he does a good job too). By the way according to wikipedia, he assumed office on the 3rd of October, 2014.

Reading his story made me think if there can be ever a 25-35 years old minister in Nigeria. And I came to conclusion that it can never happen. Even if the president wants it to happen, we have so many corrupt old men in the system that would say over their dead bodies (and they are closer to the grave than they think). I think they usually have some youths in political posts but majority of the time, those ones are just glorified publicists. They are there to do nothing but steal all the money they can and say 'yes sir' to all they are told.

I read once that a lot of our founding fathers started campaigning for the betterment of Nigeria when they were young. Nowadays majority of youths are all about the Benjamins ($100 bill....Money), no one is interested in beating hearts (people). They want to flaunt their Bentleys, buggaiti (I hope I got the spelling right), million dollar or naira wrist watches and phones on Instagram, Facebook and all the million kinds of social media platforms we now have.

They are interested in politics not to impact positively in people's lives but to steal like an hungry man. It is really terrible. And unfortunately if it is not stopped now, the future would be worse. Imagine someone (a youth) after a big politician had shared illegally gotten money for doing nothing buying a hummer jeep because he wants people to know he has arrived (made it). Arrived where uhn?! Arrived from where, ehen?!

I never knew how bad my fellow Nigerian youths were tilting towards this terrible behaviour until I came to Akwa ibom. I am sorry to say this but a true Akwa ibomite if he or she is truthful would say that I am right. A lot of Akwa Ibom people here are so lazy. Apparently it is said that they are waiting for government/political money and appointment.

When someone was listing the professions of prospective guys for me to date listed politician as one, I almost slapped him through the phone. Like what?! It is a different case if the person had a job before he joined politics but you would see someone go straight out of school into politics. The person has no other skill or profession whatsoever to fall back on. Obama, Gov Akpabio and Fashola are lawyers. I know that some governors in Nigeria that are pharmacists, doctors, lecturers, accountants and so on.

You now understand why when the person gets to the political position all the person seems to do is steal, steal, steal and steal. And why they even kill to just get to that position and power. It is really saddening. They would rather die on that seat than allow a competent person be there because once they leave that position they are practically useless.

Anyway the article I read also published some pictures of good looking guys that are into politics. So I decided to put up some of them (giving you some brainy/political eye candies as your weekend, please enjoy...

Swedish MP Hans Linde
Canada's Bloc Québécois Politician Nicolas Dufour 27 years
Tim Harris 34, South Africa's Democratic Alliance Party

Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith....
Photo source:

How was that for a weekend treat? To see more political eye candies more of the story check here.

I hope someone is inspired to touch lives and not concentrate on themselves alone. You are on this earth to impact positively in people.

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  1. Girl I love reading your interesting and thought-provoking posts always! They always deal with current and relevant issues that everyone should be considering :) Also, who doesn't love oggling hotties haha! That Swedish public health minister is indeed one good-looking fellow and it's cool that he wants to inspire more young people to make a difference through politics. It's a tough topic because we hear so much about how terrible it can be in politics with backstabbing, scandals, and the way you must stay in line with party politics or risk being fired or publicly humiliated... Nevertheless, it is true that we need more young, passionate people taking up politics as it is a huge way of making a real difference in our societies-- we must be a part of the system in order to change it sometimes rather than trying to do so from outside..

    xx Debbie

    1. Politics is really a dangerous terrain but when majority of those who go into it are of a sane mind it would get better. Thanks for the compliment, I am grinning like a cat...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Mehn these guys are hawt lo de... it is strongly impossible in Nigeria. The last time I checked the youth leader of Lagos is one old baba that is almost bald. God help us I the country. Everyone just wants to steal. No one cares about the development of the country jor. Hawt hawt it is

  3. Mehn these guys are hawt lo de... it is strongly impossible in Nigeria. The last time I checked the youth leader of Lagos is one old baba that is almost bald. God help us I the country. Everyone just wants to steal. No one cares about the development of the country jor. Hawt hawt it is

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