Friday, October 24, 2014


Hey guys, how are you doing? Today I was kinda of clueless on what to post but I knew I must something sha o. Since I had decided to have a one day on, one day off posting schedule I know I must post something today. I couldn't quite focus on one topic so I decided that it is time for another session of ramblings with the diva. A time where I talk about everything on my mind.

So first of all, I would like to say a big thank you to all those who congratulated me on my first battle with my public speaking fear. It is amazing how you guys are cheering me on. Thanks so much. And you wouldn't believe it, we got another gig next week Tuesday at a top private school. I was sent the invitation today and I immediately replied YES! I get to practise again (before my presentation next week Wednesday), get to impact positively in some girls lives and hopefully I would get some feedback as my friend said she might come (let's hope she doesn't stand me up).

Then something else happened yesterday and today that made me realise 'delay is not denial' , that God is always in control. I had a confirmation that a dream that I thought was buried could still occur. I am not sure whether it is completely possible but I am trusting God that he would take care of everything. I can't say much but when I can you all would be the first to know.

While website hopping, I came across this article and I was amazed that people are so funny. Let me allow you to read it first:

Boyfriend cuts off his penis and throws it in the bin after girlfriend dumps him for being bad in bed

A man blamed his small penis for his girlfriend breaking up with him and decided to chop it off with a razor.

But after cutting off his organ and throwing it in a bin, 22-year-old Oliver Ilic, was unable to stop the bleeding.

He called emergency services and was taken to a hospital in Kocani, Macedonia, where he told medics he had decided to cut it off because it was no use.

He explained his girlfriend had ended their relationship after telling him he was not good in bed.


Okay, what the heck was wrong with the guy? Wow! People have issues o, I am just realising that. And the thing is that if this guy is not properly counselled he might suffer from depression. I think he just needs a fine super hot chic to boost his confidence. But honestly I have to say I laughed at first when I read the article. To read more check here

Would someone tell me when this Ebola would go ehen? Now we are learning that there is a 2 year old with Ebola in Mali and a doctor in New York has tested positive to it. I am getting fed up with the whole thing. Meanwhile kudos to Nurse William of the U.K who has gone back to Sierra Leone to help with the Ebola outbreak.

Nurse William in Red Shirt/Jean pants 
Nurse William was the British nurse who was airlifted to the U.K when he got infected. He has recovered and is back on African soil. My first reaction was 'this man doesn't listen'. But after reading his reasons for going, I am now like hmmmm, he may be right. His school of thought (and some others) is that since he probably has some immunity to the Ebola virus after his previous infection that it is better for previously infected healthcare professionals to go back to the field after they recover than send new ones. He and others may be right. However the question is 'is the potential immunity to all the strains of Ebola virus?'. We don't know the answer however all we can do is pray and hope for the epidemic to be over. I can't wait for it to be over.

That is all for today guys. I have to rest. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

P.S: You guys would have noticed some things are different on my blog. I am messing around with the design and let me say that I am as clueless as they come but I am having fun. Hopefully I would get it right


  1. Congratulations on the new gig!! Very soon you'll be on TV n I'll shout "I know that babe"
    Well the guy obviously has no use for his penis o

  2. Congrats boo....i so dread public speaking..i could remember those days i use to engage in public debate for that guy..he has fish we know girls run the world..

  3. I was pissed too when i heard about the Dr then again he has immunity. I like the new design sha lol

    1. Let us hope the immunity works. Thanks but I would soon take it down....


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