Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Hey guys, I was stalking some of the blogs of bloggers that have checked out my blog and came across this post on sarahrizaga.blogspot.com. I just knew I had to feature it. Check out the poem she wrote on choices we make. I would write what I think after....

Here is the poem:

The Choices We Make

When you look at yourself in the mirror, are you really looking at your self?
Or just checking yourself?
And have you taken a really close look at yourself lately?
Then what do you see?
A person you want to become?
Or a person you just settled to be? 

These are just some of the questions i know most of you haven't asked yourselves yet.
And if you asked yourselves these questions...
Do you know what's the answer?

I know, i don't know too.
The only certain way to know or to at least know these,
Is if we're taking the right way and making the right choices.

Are you making the right choices then?

Choices happens everytime.
Like in the morning when you wake up...
Do you stay in bed and wait for another 10 minutes?
Or get up and throw yourself in the shower?
Do you eat your breakfast or skip?
Choices happens when we make our choice,
And its a never ending choice until it's our time to make the last choice.

Sometimes the smallest choice we make,
Ends up to be the biggest one.
So everybody gear up because we have a lot of choices to make. lol!

Bottom line is...
You are what you are with the choices you make.
If you choose the right one, then good.
And if you choose the other one...
I think you have your reasons and you can learn from it.
Let's just keep in mind that...
Every time we make our choice, make sure that our future self will thank us for that.

I am really amazed at Sarah's skills. Your life is a product of the choices you make. I have not always made the right choices, heck no one has. But I hope I have learned something from them. I know I regret some but I think the right and wrong choices and the lessons I learned has made me who I am. It has made me strive to be better.

I guess I am going to look at myself in the mirror differently now. I am grateful that I am learning everyday in life. I hope I make choices that my future self would love.

Thank you Sarah for this article. You guys should hop on to her blog, she has a very nice style. In the post where I lifted this poem she had an amazing outfit. Check here to see what I mean and there is something more. She has an international giveaway!!! What?! Check here for more info.

That is all for today guys. Thanks for stopping by.....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

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