Friday, October 10, 2014


Every 10th October we always have a sugar high at work because two of my senior colleagues were born on this day. One is an Assistant Director of Pharmaceutical service and Another is a Principal Pharmacist soon to become a Chief Pharmacist.

They are both wonderful women and are women every female pharmacist (or female) should admire. They are have their individual qualities that make them seriously unique. But what they both have apart from the same birth date is that they are dedicated, smart and beautiful inside and out.

So this post is dedicated to Pharm (Mrs) E Abassiattai and Pharm (Mrs) A Essien. And also this post is to make you jealous because of the plenty cakes, drinks and food that i

Enjoy viewing the pictures...

Principal Pharmacist Mrs A Essien
The interns playing with the Principal Pharm

Second Party..... with serious food..

The Birthday gal in black dancing and gisting with friends....
ADPharm Mrs E Abasiattai....

Birthday gal and Her Husband....Dr Abasiattai

Hope you guys are jealous....hahaha. I have to go now. Sugar high is not good, when it drains out of your system your energy goes with it and you feel tired.

Thanks for stopping by. Hey, did you guys hear about the real reason why the guy who made google shut Linda's blog down? Ernie of was right when she said that there was more to the story. People can be so mean!

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....


  1. Happy Birthday to them. The cakes look nice. :-)

  2. I see you'll had fun dear. Nice

  3. Wow, I missed....No thanks to ill Health, Thanks Diva for keeping me at par with time......


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