Monday, October 6, 2014


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Hey guys, I told you I was going to lament about all that GTBank has been doing putting me through lately. Well today is lamentation day. So I have never had it easy with GTB since I first opened it but a lot of people loved the bank and since I needed it at that for something important I had to maintain an account with them.

Actually I happen to be a teeny weeny shareholder (thanks to my dad) and they sent me a form advising me to open an account and I thought it would be nice to be an account holder as well. And that is when my problem started with them. It took them 6 months to finally open my account then when my debit card got expired and it took them another 2 months for them to replace it because the branch i requested for the card was not the branch that I opened it with. I had to bug them a lot before they eventually gave me my card.

So that was my background with GTBank and as you can see it was not a pleasant one. However I forgot about all their stress when I realized that I could use my master card to shop online so it was nice having an account dedicated to shopping. I would go to the site that I wanted to order stuff from, calculate the total amount and then deposit money into the account and use the card (I do this because of online fraudsters).

But after the embarrassment that they gave me in Dubai I have started vexing with them again. When I came back and I called their card customer care to find out what happened, they told me it was Network and I was mad. Network for almost one week! Anyway I said I am never using the card when I travel again.

So it is bad enough that they do all that to me (a teeny weeny shareholder) and I would still stick with them but when they start doing it to others that is when I have a problem. I don’t want them to pursue all the customers away, we need to make money so that I can get my dividend.

Imagine telling someone who is an account holder in the bank to get a token and log on to internet banking just to get the money that was sent to the person via western union. I was so shocked when I heard that. And when the person went to First Bank the person only had to get someone that was an account holder in FBN to sign and the money was given to her. Now she is considering opening an account with FBN. Personally I would do the same. I have had so many banks that didn’t stress me as much as GTB and I dumped them in a flash. Even the UBA that has suddenly been of tremendous help to me lately was dumped for years, it is my recent escapades (traveling) that made me go back to them. Apart from a few issues they seem to be doing okay. But then again I don’t use them often.

Then the recent issue i had was when i could not use my card to pay for something online, i had to go to their branch here in Uyo on a work day and spend 3 good hours trying to sort it out. I was just going from the internet banking computer to the customer care section to the phone to call their card call centre. I didn't find it funny at all. I was tired when i was through with all their wahala.

I wish someone could explain to me what exactly is going on with them. To hear a colleague vexing that he was going to change his salary account from GTB because they were acting up was not encouraging. And I don’t blame him, I do know that while people with majority of the other banks receive the salary at the right time, it takes at least 24 hours after for those with GTB to receive their salaries. Sometimes it is even more than 24 hours which can be annoying because you don’t know if the salary was delayed or there is a problem with your salary.

GTBank please behave yourself o, I want a bigger dividend next year even if all I do with it is to buy internet data at least it is something.

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  1. I'm actually surprised as my experience with them is kinda opposite to yours. I've been a shareholder and account holder like you since final year. I can count the number of times I've been disturbed by them. A tip to help you navigate them. They usually have network issues in the last days of EVERY month. I mean EVERY month. The regularity of the phenomenon has led me to conclude it's maintenance work going on. Once you can avoid the last few days of the month you should have no issues. Pele oh.

    1. Why is it me then? Thanks for the info, I would try to avoid them at that time.

  2. Wow, what a bad experience with your bank! I've been really lucky that I haven't had any serious problems with mine so far, when I travel I haven't had my card locked (except for one time when they thought my card had been stolen or was being fradulently used). I would be so frustrated if I was asked to take all of those extra, annoying steps when it should be a simple, clear process to do things like that. Speaking of banks, I really need to start putting a portion of my pay cheques into a separate account that I can't touch so I can save better (and invest)!

    It's always good to get a good rant in written form, hope you feel better about this situation soon!

    xx Debbie

    1. I just did that. I have dedicated one account to use to save. It is not easy but slowly and surely I would get there. I feel better about the situation, thanks.

  3. think its the new generation bank. Mehn what's going on with them. That's sad o. I hope they get their acts together or else I'll just go back to doing ajo....atleast if you can't trust your bank, you would trust the ajo woman na. Hehehehe

  4. I almost opened an account with these people. It was when I heard complaints I decided against it. Narrow escape


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