Friday, July 11, 2014


My hair after my previous touch up, i am sire i have lost all my length...Oh God *wailing*
So yesterday i had a relaxer touch up and it went okay. I loosened my hair on sunday and did a pre relaxer heavy protein treatment wash with a tea rinse. I used hot oil and emily millionaire coconut oil cream for my prepoo, mayonnaise and egg with oil for my protein treatment and lipton tea plus twinnings raspberry tea for my tea rinse and Organics Cholesterol and tea tree Conditioner with a mixture of oils for my moisture deep conditioning. Detangling was not easy. I had so many knots and gradually grew impatient. I was already angry with the amount of hair that i lost and now another set was trying to make me more angry. I tried to detangle as best as i could though.

I wore a wig for 3 days and had a touch up yesterday. Here is how it went down:

In the morning, i didn't spray my hair with my moisturising hair spray, i just coated my previously relaxed hair with oil, my specially whipped shea butter and Vaseline. Yes o, it is that serious! I wanted to protect my hair by all means.

I got a new relaxer this time (no more Venus relaxer that i used the last time, check here for my last touch up and why i said i would not use it again). I got a small tub of Dark and Lovely lye relaxer (wanted to get ORS lye relaxer but the supermarket where i saw it was far from my house and i was too lazy to go there), i scooped out a bit because when i touched up with the last relaxer tub i wasted quite a lot because i had to throw the remaining away. I usually mix my relaxer with oils to reduce the straightening process so that i can get a texlaxed texture so allowing it to stay for long would probably denature the relxer.

I added oil to it (didn't measure just poured it inside), mixed it then headed off to the salon nearby. I showed the hair stylist where to stop the relaxer application and gave her the average sized tooth comb that she would use to comb it. I was watching her like a hawk and kept telling her not to apply the relaxer to the remaining part of my hair either intentionally or by mistake. When she was combing i made sure she didn't comb past the level of the new growth . After combing i immediately asked that the relaxer be washed off (she was surprised but she complied).

After rinsing with water, i asked her to apply my ORS replenishing conditioner as my mid protein treatement, left it on for about 2 minutes then she rinsed it off and washed with my Neutralizing shampoo. Since the salon was close to my house and i was not in the mood to stay under the dryer i left the salon after that and applied my deep conditioning mix (the organics cholesterol deep conditioner and oils), covered with a plastic bag, a shower cap and my mum's old conditioning cap. Kept it on for more than one hour. Rinsed it off and covered my hair with a micro fibre towel for about 10 minutes.

I allowed it to dry a bit, applied my protein based leave in (vitale) and my moisture based leave in (profectiv)  and also applied a bit of my mousse (my first time using it since i bought it in 2012). Since i was airdrying i decided to use my flexi rods to try and tame the hair. I divided my hair into two sections and made an attempt to roll it on the flexi rods. I was going to use more but i was too lazy to look for the rest. So i slept with my flexi rods and loosened it this morning. My hair was still damp so i didn't use my hair spray. I just moisturised with my moisturising lotion, oil, whipped shea butter and applied castor oil to my edges and scalp, tucked in a bun and went to work.

So there you have it guys, my relaxer touch up day. Sorry that there is no pictures but i was not in the mood and the process started quite late in the day. However since i practically used all of my old products please check here to view them.

As for pictures of my hair, i have decided not to take pictures. Why? Because i don't want to be completely discouraged. I wonder why these set backs keep happening to me. But i feel my hair was actually a bit textlaxed like i wanted, Go figure. I think i would be sticking to Dark and lovely Diamond precise relaxer for a while. It was not too relaxed and not too texlaxed, just almost perfect.

Oh well, i hope i don't repeat the same mistakes. I have to go, i was able to get a lot of films from my friend and an intern today and i want to watch some (instead of me to read, Mowunmi i pity you!). Oh! Guess what guys? I was able to get FIREPROOF! Yay!! Whoop! Whoop!! Remember i asked if anyone knows where i could get it and i have finally gotten it. God is really AWESOME. I also got films like Knight Rider, White House Down (awesome movie), what a girl wants, Ghost rider amongst many, many more. I might not be able to watch all as i have a very funny taste in movies but at least this weekend i won't be bored. Go Mowunmi!! *dancing*

I really have to go, I want to watch Ghost Rider now.

Thanks for stopping by.
Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. So sorry about your setbacks. Just see it as a learning process. If it's happened once it can't happen again right?

  2. Thank you. It can never ever happen again. I am not doing that protective style again.....

  3. Reading your post, I noticed you use too many chemicals for your hair, let your hair breathe. When you retouch, you don't need much chemicals, just your shampoo and the organic mayonnaise is enough. I have a very long dark hair, although mine is hereditary, but I still maintain it. I use TCB relaxer, I have never had course to change it, I use a shampoo that contains mint because its good for dandruff(can't remember the name right now) I use organic mayonnaise or dark and lovely cholesterol depending on the one I feel like using because I have both. I don't use styling moose or other product because I don't carry curls and I'm not the type that braids or fix all the time. I like to carry my natural hair because its very long but I prefer to pack it doughnut because I don't like people touching my hair because they always do that when I allow it drop. Try to carry your natural hair for like two weeks after you retouch, that your hair can breathe and stop applying too many chemicals because it weakens your hair and causes it to break.

    1. Too many chemicals ke? I use what i thought works. I don't use hair mayonnaise after retouching i use ORS replenishing and Organics cholesterol conditioner. I also keep my hair for at least 3-4 weeks after retouching before i install any protective style. I thought i was doing okay.... Thanks for the advice and for stopping by

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