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Hey so like I said it my previous post I am writing my first proper product review. The product in    review is a product that I have known since I was a kid. It is a Nigerian made product.  Back when i was a kid the hairdressers used to apply it just before a client roller sets her hair. 

It is applied after washing and before applying the lotta body or setting lotion. I never liked using it then even if they did say that it made your hair grow faster because once you apply it you are bound to spend a longer time under the dryer. And I hated going under hair dryers (I still do while is why I rarely roller set my hair). I just recently realized why it always increased drying time. It has a mild buttery consistency (with its herbs) and so locks in the moisture and prevents the water from evaporating out of the hair strands easily.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Natural coconut oil and herbs, Soya beans oil, carrot oil, Bergamot oil, Saint Basil, Banana Jam, Vitamin E, Refined Palm oil, Placenta, Protein, D Panthenol, African Shea Butter, Avocado pear oil, Almond oil, Honey, Vegetable oil, Orange peels, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Aloe Vera

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For the best result use every other day at night, part your hair, rub a little quantity on to the scalp, massage very well and allow to penetrate. Use on permed hair, curled hair and also on natural hair. After retouching apply on your scalp, massage then apply Emily hair fertilizer lotion.Enter the dryer for 3-4 minutes then style.

HOW I USE IT: I tried using it as a moisturizer but it was a little bit funny for me and I always forgot to use it because I have so many other moisturizers I like. I was not ready to substitute it for  my whipped Shea butter. I tried adding a bit of it to my Shea butter when whipping it but it changed the constituency so that plan failed. However I was reading and I came across Uzoma's review on it. She said she uses it to prepoo her hair. She actually said she warms it before applying it on her hair. So I decided to include it as part of my prepoo ritual and I have not turned back since.

I apply hot oil to my scalp then apply it to my hair strands. I am too lazy to warm it so I apply it like that. Then I cover with a plastic bag and a wig cap (if I am leaving it overnight) or a shower cap.

My hair feels great afterwards. My hair is always so soft and moisturized that I don’t think it is necessary to deep condition afterwards. I noticed while rinsing my hair that there seem to be lather. It seems it is like a conditioner/shampoo. So I think the day I have the guts to try co washing I might use it alone (as a prepoo) then apply my moisturizing deep conditioner and see how my hair responds to it.

YAY or NAY? It is definitely a yay the way I use it. The other way was a big nay. Would I buy it again? I have been replacing it like crazy when it finishes. I need to get another one soon as my big tub is almost finished.

COST: I got the biggest size for 350 or 400 naira (about 3 USD) so it is not expensive. I use the tub for about 15 applications. And I got it at a shop in the open market. It is however available in most supermarkets in Nigeria.

Okay guys, I think I have covered all my bases. How did I do? Was there something I didn’t talk about? Please let me know so that I can adjust my write up.

Guys (Nigerians especially) do you know this product?
Virgin Hair Fertilizer....

Yes it is full of Petroleum which is bad for your hair but it contains sulphur, peppermint and menthol which helps fight dandruff and other fungal infections and also should stimulate growth. So i guess it is bad and good for your hair. Well I always use it when I am on weaves or braids to prevent my scalp from itching but lately I have had to apply it on my scalp. I noticed an acne or a boil just behind my hairline and since I cannot apply salicylic acid or 10%benzoyl peroxide on my hair, I decided to apply it.

After 2 days it appears that whatever it was has disappeared….Go figure! So that led me to think of trying out an experiment. I know it is supposed to be bad and all but I thought to myself, what if I used it with my castor oil on my scalp as a growth aid for the next 3 months. I want to see if I would have faster growth combining it with castor oil. I won’t apply so much but enough to cause my scalp to tingle. I hope my experiment works and it gives me a better result than the 5000 naira (almost 40 USD) T444Z hair food I got which was an absolute fail for me.

I think that is enough hair rambling for today. Thanks for stopping by. Can you guys imagine? This teeny weeny blog has almost 30000 views and i am in awe of you my readers. Thanks a lot guys. I am really grateful.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


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