Saturday, July 5, 2014


I have every reason to smile....
So you guys know about my run in with some petty thieves at the hospital. But you don't know the whole story. Well let me tell you how it went down.

I was on duty saturday/sunday and i was placed on call with an intern. I normally allow the interns working with me to sleep early for some hours (10pm-2am) then i enter the call room to try to sleep till 6 or 6:30am. I said try because before i sleep it is usually around 3 or 3:30am. I do this because if i sleep first there is a big possibilty that they would not let me sleep as they might run into issues. At that time (10pm-2am), a lot of patients are still coming to get their drugs.

On this fateful night however, my intern decided to disappear. I went to the call room to wake her up and realised that she never entered there. I eventually opened the room and decided to rest. Later i got a knock and call to urgently give a doctor some infusions. I locked the call room and attended to them. Some minutes after i went back to the call room, i was called again and that was when i didn't lock the call room. By the time i was through and went back to the call room i noticed my phone was gone and my laptop too. 

At that time, the only people that i could think of who would know that there is a call room and it was opened are the cleaners. They are also the only ones that can enter a call room and any staff passing would not blink or ask them questions. I am not saying that i know that one of them took it but they are my only suspects now.

Anyway after reporting to the security officials (a bunch of clueless human beings!) i left the hospital in annoyance at my intern and because i just could not do anything. However i felt calm in me. I called my mum, dad and aunty to let them know that they should call me on my other line.

I knew that i could get some of my information and pictures (about 70%) from my external hard disk so i was not really worried. However all i could think of was what Ja rule said in 'I am in love with a church girl' (which was stolen with it as it was in the laptop). He said sometimes God uses extreme measures to achieve extreme things (not sure of his words but it was something along that line).

You see the laptop has been giving me issues for months but it was worse lately. It was extremely slow, i could not upload pictures from my tab or camera, it was not updating anymore, it was always hanging for hours, in short it was a pest! I was just thinking of how i hoped it would not disgrace me when i was presenting to my department. I was going to call the guy that repairs my laptop that monday. My last tweet on saturday was about the laptop behaving itself. 

And as for the phone, i was getting angry with it and its inability to allow me to know when i had a mail or able to tweet without me having to log in every time or the fact that it was consuming data like crazy. I wanted to buy a blackberry but i knew i had to wait for a while as i just got the phone in february. 

So when it happened all i could think of was that God was pushing me to buying new items to prevent me from some mishaps. Who knows maybe i am about to receive a timely mail that would help transform my life for the better and i might have missed it if i had the other phone. And i definitely knew that God was trying to prevent me from disgracing myself when it was time for my presentation. Imagine if the thing had crashed close to the presentation day?

In all i am thankful and grateful that all is well. I am also grateful that i didn't take my tablet that day if not that one too would have been stolen. I am really sorry for the person that stole the laptop because he or she would have to spend some serious money before he or she would be able to use the laptop and then he or she would still have problem because the processor was a slow one (now i understand the difference between AMD and Intel, Intel rocks!).

I am presently trying to understand my new computer (i hate this windows 8, why do they keep changing these things uhn? From vista to 7 now 8 tomorrow it would be 9....arrrggggghhhh). The make i was able to afford is a Hp 15 something (i don't know jare...) and it was made for arabic population because it has arabic inscription on the keyboard (as if the guys that sold it to me knew i just went to Dubai....hahaha). I don't mind though however i can't seem to find the hashtag key......weird. Oh well i am sure i would find it.

From my experience i am reminded that you are going to have challenges but you have to trust that God has control of everything and also that God is a master planner. Oh! I didn't talk about the new phones i got. I got a blackberry torch 3 (what is with blackberry and their battery issues? Anyway it is dedicated to just calls, mails, whatsapp and twitter so the battery should last.) Then i was sent a Tecno H7 which i was scared was going to be big but it is just perfect. It has a HD screen i think because everything is so clear (i think the laptop has it too and the laptop seems bigger and lighter). Imagine who would have thought that my family member would send me such a phone (it pays to be a good girl uhn....hahaha). I am extremely grateful to God for placing the right people in my life. And i can't thank my family enough (i can state who exactly because their identity is supposed to be a secret)

Oh well, i have to go now. Thanks for stopping by and remember to like my page on facebook. Ciao....

Petite Diva.

P.S: Please i heard the NMA chairman abi is it president that was supposed to appear on the Sunrise program of Channels TV to explain why the doctors are asking for the 24 point demand didn't show up. Is it true? Can anyone direct me to the link for the program and anywhere online that he explained his actions for not showing up. I thought he would have come so that the public would be able to understand them better.....


  1. The very applications you are dedicating your bb to are the ones that drains battery but you could switch it to 2g though and for the Android, from UK to Nigeria it is the same so put off your data service when not in use to save data.

    1. Na wa o, all this technology sef. Maybe we should go back to Nokia 3310....*angry*


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