Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hey guys, i am sorry that i have been off the grid for a while but i have been feeling off the weather lately. I think i am having psychologically induced ebola virus symptoms.(weird uhn). I actually know what is wrong with me but all this ebola this, ebola that is affecting my way of thinking. Anyway i have started taking some meds and i should be back to my normal self soon.

I got another sunshine blogger award from a wonderful blogger called Amusu Mobolaji of I just recently discovered her blog and i am so loving it. Thank you moby for the nomination. 

So the rules are:

1. Share eleven facts about yourself.
2. Answer the questions set by the blogger that Nominated you.
3. Nominate bloggers.
4. Set 7 questions for the nominated bloggers.

I would share the 11 facts of myself (which you might know) and then answer the questions. Here we go:
  1. I love Coca Cola. I got this addiction from my mum and i am seriously trying to stop. I used to take one 50cl (500ml) of coke (or pepsi) every day especially when i was in the hectic out patient unit of my hospital. But now due to my mum's diagnosis of Diabetes and my recent encounter with palpitations i am seriously trying to cut it down. I take 35 cl on most days and i am trying an on and off day rule.
  2. I am a Navy girl. An ex student of Nigerian Navy Secondary school and i absolutely love being one.
  3. I wish i was taller and weighed more. Why? Because i would have been able to enroll in the navy. That is one dream i would never be able to fulfill.
  4. I think i can't sing to save my life even though i wish i could. I just watched pitch perfect and soooooo wish i could sing. I might take singing lessons to train my vocal cord so that i can give speeches for long without coughing.
  5. I want to learn how to box or a form of martial art one day. I like kick ass ladies.
  6. Some of my friends think i am waiting for a knight in a shinning armor to come and swoop me away. And they are so wrong. If a knight in a shinning armor came on a white horse trying to swoop me away, i would probably stone the person or fight with the person or do something that would make the person run thinking i am crazy. I have my legs and if i need a horse i would get one myself, thank you. I ain't got no time for swooping (i won't even stay still for anyone to swoop me). What i need or want is a guy who can fight with me not trying to be all heroic about the whole place. I know i am so weird like that...hehehe. Maybe that is why i am not married yet? *shrugsmyshoulder*
  7. I seriously have a problem being patient. It is a gift i know i am not blessed with.
  8. I am a serious introvert. I like staying indoors. My room is my fun place.
  9. I hate flying but i love the experience of going to new places. So i would gladly endure so many hours of flying just to have an adventure. So guys i don't have a phobia for flying...Yay!!
  10. I read while listening to music because my mind tends to wander a lot when reading so music helps to drown any noise in my head....Weird uhn?
  11. I really want waist length hair very soon...hehehe
Whew! 11 crazy facts of myself. I hope you guys are not scared. Okay now to answer her questions.

1. If you were to be an animal, what animal would you love to be? And why?: A horse. I like that it is strong and majestic when running.

2. In your next life (that's if there is), would you want to be a boy or a girl?: I don't know o. Both have their issues and fun parts. So i think i would pass on choosing.

3. What do you do on a very boring day?: Sleep, watch movie or clean my house.

4. What is your ideal man or woman like?: Adventurous, God fearing (not just with his mouth but in his heart, i have seen a lot of wolves in sheep clothing), Love me for who i am and able to stand by me, with me and up to me (cause i can be such a bully at times) and most importantly be my FRIEND (a lot of married couple nowadays are not friends).

5. Who is your favorite comic character? Comic book? That is easy SUPERMAN/CLARK KENT!!! Don't get me started on that. I can rant on that for a long time.

6. If you were given an opportunity to hang out with a celebrity for the weekend, who would you pick?: Honestly no one. I am not a celebrity crazed kind of person. I would want a question and answer session with Westlife boys but that would be 5 celebrities and i definitely would not be interested in a weekend with them. But i would like to attend the Oscars or Grammys to see how the show operates and how celebrities behave in those award shows.

7. What's your thought on same sex marriage?: Honestly i am not against Gay people but i am not in support of legalising same sex marriage. And i am not in support of the punishment that was put into law in Nigeria for being gay. I am also not in support of the harassment that it seems those who due to their religious belief (or their belief) say they cannot offer a service to a gay person have thrown their way. If someone tells you that they cannot allow a gay couple to lodge in their hotel simply carry your money and go to another place. Suing them because they did that is so unnecessary. I am sure if my blog was well known i would get a lot of flank for my belief but i don't really care. It is just my opinion, you don't have to like it.

So there you go guys. Now it is my turn to nominate people. I don't think i have 7 to nominate because i am sure they have all been nominated but i would write the few i can remember now then add more later.

My nominated blogs are:

My questions are:
  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What is your addiction?
  3. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
  4. What avenger member do you like and why?
  5. USA or the U.K? And why? 
  6. Are you a teddy bear kind of person?
  7. Army, Navy or Air force? Which arm of military's uniform is cuter? (you all know my
That is all for now. I tried to make my questions fun. Hope you liked it. Thanks for stopping by. I need to go and sleep. Hope i can write soon.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Yaaaay..she has received her award. Congrats dear. Bout your knight in shiny armour, he would come really soon..maybe not on a horse but I'm sure he'll sweep you off your feet and you'd fall in love and then this blog will be about him..journal of a petite diva in love.. I like the sound of that. Hehehe *runs away*

    1. Come back here! lol Sweeping off my feet, uhn? Journal of a petite diva in love? You want all my male readers to run away....hehehe

  2. Haha cute answers! I would want to be a horse too and I too wish I could sing so well that I could go professional :P I also wish I had taken the judo martial arts lessons I took once more seriously so that I could remember enough to kick anyone's ass ;)

    No worries dear, there are always points in time when you don't feel like doing anything, like blogging. For myself, now that I'm in lazy vacation mode I barely feel like doing any blogging either but I'm forcing myself to keep it up anyways!

    xx Debbie

    1. You took Judo lessons? Now i am jealous. I wish i even took up to 2 lessons. My brother learned Kung fu while in college and i am so envious. However i couldn't switch to his school because they didn't offer the course i was studying....

  3. Oh my, the similarities we have ehen... I'm totally in love with the navy and I will join by fire by force. Training to kickass in form of martial arts is on my to-do list, I hate flying (mine is a mild phobia) but I love destinations, and I read with music for the same reason.
    Loved reading this :D

    1. I am glad you loved reading my post. Please train well so you can enter the Navy. You would look good in the uniform especially the ceremonial whites

  4. Big Big congrats to you dear.... you are doing a nice job so now we gotta wait on a grammy right?...

    1. Thanks girl. You are so right, i think i should start shopping for the gown i would


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