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On Saturday last week it was exactly 9 days after my relaxer touch up and it is always advisable to wash your hair at least 7 days after applying relaxer to your hair. The reason is that washing your hair would remove any residual chemical that might still be on your hair. And I found out that it is also advised that you conduct a protein treatment too. So I decided since I did a heavy protein treatment a week before my relaxer touch up and a mild protein treatment immediately after the relaxer was applied that I would do a medium protein treatment.

So here is how my wash day went:
  1. I prepooed with hot oil (using my mix of oils) on my scalp and Emily Millionaire coconut oil cream on my hair, covered with a plastic bag and a shower cap. I left it on for 30 minutes.
  2. I rinsed it off and washed my hair with my diluted VO5 shampoo. I washed just once and only massaged my scalp. I squeezed my hair and allowed the suds of the shampoo to run down on the length of my hair. I wrapped a micro fibre towel to soak up the water.
  3. I applied a mixture of Organics Hair Mayonnaise and some oils to my hair. I covered with a plastic bag and a shower cap. I left it for 30 minutes then rinsed it off.
  4. I then conducted a black tea rinse to prevent shedding (I used lipton tea and my expired twinnings non caffeinated tea) and allowed the water to run off. I massaged my hair and scalp for a minute.
  5. I applied my moisturizing deep conditioner (which is a mixture of Organics cholesterol tea tree oil conditioner, eucalyptus oil, amla oil, argan oil and some other oils that I can’t remember), covered with a plastic bag, shower cap and my mum’s conditioning cap. Left it on for about 45 minutes.
  6. I rinsed it off, wrapped my hair in my micro fibre towel for some minutes then removed and allowed it to air dry. When it was about 40% dry, I applied my protein leave in and moisture leave in. I allowed it to dry a bit more then applied my moisturizing lotion, oils and my whipped shea butter. I had to pack my hair while still damp in a bun because I had to go somewhere.

 My hair was so soft and I was super impressed but looking at my thickness and length made me sad. When would I gain my hair back….*wailing*. I washed my hair in the morning, I actually thought I would wash in the evening but it was raining so heavily I just decided that instead of sitting down I should wash my hair. I also conducted a intense facial so my hair and my face were looking fly….Go figure!

I had to go out because that same morning my blackberry’s keys stopped working. Imagine just after less than 1 month of purchase. I was not happy and it got worse when I got to the place and they were telling me rubbish. I got angry and I left to another place to try and repair it and the person I met told me to go back and make them give me another phone that phones have one year warranty. So I went back there very angry and started shouting at them. That was when they decided that i was worthy to be attended to and tried to make me keep my voice down (because other people were buying phones and were really asking about the warranty as they were listening to me). They said that I should drop it with them and they would send it to blackberry care shop and if they cannot repair it they would replace it. When they said that I actually told them that I don’t want that but I decided to give them a chance. I also told them that if it is repaired and within 3 weeks it has problems again, there would be serious problems. I don’t know when they would call me back to get my phone but I have decided to give them 2 weeks before I start my wahala (problem) again. I have not seen where I would buy a ‘supposedly’ new phone and it would give me problems in less than 21 days. I am not happy at all and I have said that I would not buy any phone here in Akwa Ibom again. I have had enough!

That is all for now. I recently discovered some blogs and I am really loving them. I am inspired by the bloggers. I especially love

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  1. Wonderful post dear..stay in touch...hugs
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    Beauty and fashion Blog <3

  2. Hmnnn.... How long did it take to do all this on your hair cos I am really lazy. About your phone, I think you should go there again because all these people are unpredictable. They can just come up with the dumbest excuse not to repair or replace. Can remember when I got my own phone and it got spoilt, they started asking dumb questions like 'did you charge the phone with generator?'.... I was like no o, I charged with solar a country where everyone uses generator cos of no power supply, you're asking what I used in charging the phone. Just keep calling and bugging them. Nice blog you have.

    Check out my blog

    1. It takes me about 4-6 hours to wash my hair. These phone sellers are something else o. I would go back there next week. Thanks for stopping by..

  3. great review dear

  4. Dude, this is awesome! You have some legit skill! =D
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