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Hey guys, it is another episode of my beloved Diva’s ramblings… It is a post where I talk about everything on my mind without a clearly defined topic.

So a couple of my friends recently got engaged or are preparing for their wedding, some recently gave birth and some are pregnant. So with all that is going on right now I was reminded that I am not where I thought I would be . I had a couple of bad days especially when my mum left, it took a whole lot of prayer, a small exercise of counting my blessings, eating junk food and watching movies to get me back to my preppy self. I am okay with my journey so far and I am appreciative of the vision that God has placed in me even if I am not there right now.

My mum recently got a phone that can whatsapp and after a load of ‘don’t subscribe to anything for me o’ and ‘what did you do to my phone’ and ‘I didn’t send you message o’, she is enjoying the whatsapp app and claims to be pinging when she is sending me a message…lol. 

We just came back from a warning strike and are warming up for an indefinite one but I seriously doubt the strike would hold. After 3 days of total lock up, even some community pharmacies in Oyo were said to have participated in the strike from 8am -1pm (a first in Nigeria, private pharmacies and pharmacists don’t participate in strikes), I seriously doubt federal government wants a repeat of that. I was asked to come to the hospital during the strike and I refused. The A and E pharmacy was being run by the corp members and our 'green horn' interns and I was not going to set my ‘Cinderella sized feet’ on the hospital grounds during the strike. At least we were considerate in opening the pharmacies and making our interns work.

I have been sent links to 2 articles that a ‘supposed’ journalist (Sahfeeyah Musa) lounging sorry that should be living in United Arab Emirate wrote on the issues troubling the healthcare system. When I got the link to the first article I read the whole thing and partly wish I didn’t. The article was totally flawed and biased. I wished I didn’t because I lost 3 minutes of my time reading the article. So when the link to the second part of the article was sent to me, I said to myself ‘what more does she have to say?’.  And I was right, the second part was full of blunders. She was comparing the salaries of doctors to other health care professionals and decided that it was right to compare the salaries of doctors who are consultants to the salaries of entry level pharmacists like me and other healthcare professionals. When I read that part, I knew something was off only for me to read comments made by people and my feeling were justified. I decided to investigate further and found out that the salaries for the different specialties in medicine were different. And I am like hmmmm, I didn’t hear anybody say anything about that o. People keep comparing themselves to their counterparts in the U.S for more money but don’t talk about the different salaries they get. Here is the link to the second article, i am sure some of you would get a kick out of it. So by all means knock yourselves out....Click here.

Anyway why I said I partly wished I didn’t read her articles was because even though she was wrong in most of her points, she also said something that spurred me to research on a topic more. The issue of surgeon general has stirred a lot of trouble lately. One part was saying it was meant for doctors, another part said it could be headed by other healthcare professionals too. On conducting my research, I found out that there were two types. The one in the army and the one that was in charge of the public health service corps. The one in the army can be headed by anybody in the healthcare team (the present US army Surgeon general is a Nurse..... Go Nurses!) and the other one is headed by a physician who is totally knowledgeable in public health and is totally involved (not one that has been working in obstetrics and gynecology unit of a hospital and is chosen to head it because a set of people decide that he is valuable to them achieving their purpose of world domination.....*justkidding*). I also noticed that all the US surgeon general were also military and that most of them had either studied or worked as other healthcare professionals. If anybody doubts me, google is your friend. Do your own research.

I have not written extensively about the issue because I want to compare the duties of the proposed Nigerian Surgeon General and that of the US surgeon general. I totally love the ideals and duties of the Office of the US Surgeon General but something tells me and I am positive beyond any doubt that the proposed duties of the Nigerian Surgeon General is waaaaayyyyy different. However I don’t have any proof yet because as with most things concerning the NMA I can’t find it online yet. But there is someone who has offered to publish the proposed bill and I hope then I would be able to write my thoughts. Till then i would keep my positivity to myself.

I am on a personal challenge not to respond to people’s nonsense anymore. I tend to speak my mind whenever I detect a load of crap coming from somebody but I am trying to shut up more now. It is not easy but I am trying to count to 30 before I speak. How well have I fared since I started? Not so good I am afraid but I would keep on trying. However I feel that by not saying what I feel is the truth no matter what, I may be cheating myself and lying to the other person. Oh well, it is all about balance I guess.

Well I think that is all for now folks. I am on call and I have documentation to do. I used to write a detailed call report after my call but after the person in charge wrote something I didn’t think was necessary I have decided not to write anything anymore. Is that like shutting up or like being stubborn in another way? Anyway I ain’t writing it and I am sure he is going to be shocked. Whateeeevvvvveeeeerrrrrrrr.

Thanks for stopping by. And this is a shout out to the reader (i didn't get her name) that called me yesterday asking for advice on an acne medication that I used. Thanks for calling me. It made my day cos it means that people are actually reading my blog and enjoy what I write. It made me feel like a star. Anyway apparently CLEAREX 10 is scarce (I just discovered that too) and according to a professional colleague it has been scarce for a while so the alternative being used that seems to be quite effective is CLEARZIT. I haven’t used it yet but I trust my friend’s judgement and I am on the lookout for it too as my clearex has finished and I am getting some annoying hormonal zits on my face.

Gotta run…… Oh! I forgot to tell you guys. Yesterday was my induction anniversary. I was inducted into the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria 5 years ago yesterday. I am grateful because it has been God all the way…

Luv ya,
Petite Diva….

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