Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hey guys, i know that it has been so long since i posted but i have some genuine reasons. First of all, MY MUM IS HERE! Yep! She is live and direct in Uyo and i have been really busy trying to make sure that she is not bored and she has something to remember about Uyo. Since i am going to work each day when i come back we go to different places. And i come back so tired and there is usually no light to inspire me to write. I really need a generator. But to have that i need to get out of this house. Oh well, It is well.

Then another reason, i can't understand why my modem for my laptop is misbehaving and my wifi modem is not acting up. Because of that i am always on my tablet. I just remembered that i can pair my laptop to the wifi modem......can you imagine? I am not serious at times.

Anyway i gotta go now but i promise to be back soon. I have lots to talk about. Washed my hair on friday/saturday and had conrows/braids installed that i super love. The beginning of my braid challenge has started. I hope i can see it through to the end.

That is all guys. Enjoy the rest of the week....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....

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