Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hey guys, this is the first in the diva’s ramblings series for this year. Woot! Woot!! Hope you guys have enjoyed your day so far.....

Y’all know how I complained about not receiving my second Black Friday package. Well, on Sunday I decided to check my page on Shippyme website and saw that they had actually sent it a couple of days ago. I was so mad because it meant that if I had not checked that day, my package would have stayed at ABC for a long time as I would not have been able to go there because of the holidays. Anyway I don’t know how they knew that I had checked my page and seen the waybill number, a few minutes after they sent me a mail (chickens!). Total unacceptable rubbish! Honestly I think my third experience is worse than my first!

The good part of all the fiasco was that I received my package and inside one of the envelopes was this item.

It is a Wifi modem that is necessary for my tablet. Some tablets come with SIM card options and also Wifi options but mine is only Wifi. Wifi only models are apparently cheaper (I know right, I am always on the look out for a deal), anyways I had to get the modem. When I researched on the cost of the wifi modem sold by telecommunications companies in Nigeria, the one from MTN was 21000 naira with 3GB data. That is much. So I decided to check if I could get one online and lo and behold I could. 

It cost a whole less too and is unlocked (Thank God). When I was purchasing it, I was made to think that I needed a micro SIM so I got a SIM cutter too but on receiving it and after cutting a trial SIM card I found out that I don’t need to cut the SIM. A major surprise to me (that means I have a SIM cutter that I don’t need for now). So I subscribed for a 1GB plan from Airtel for 1200 and the total amount of money spent on the Wifi modem with shipping is about 13500. Major savings or what?!

I am totally in love with my tablet. It is the cutest thing ever. I am so glad i didn't buy a 10.1 inches tablet. I hope it serves me for a long time. I have downloaded loads of apps and I have transferred my lecture notes to it so now it is time to read (hopefully).

I am moving to a new unit tomorrow! After almost 2 years in the outpatient pharmacy unit I am moving to the children outpatient pharmacy unit. I am excited and sad. I have been in OPD pharmacy for so long that it is saddening to leave but I am happy because the load is a bit lighter (though I would be alone with the In-charge pharmacist), I get to work on my children relating skills (I have so many ideas that I want to try to make that place friendly), I love kids and would get to play with them, I would be able to brush up on my knowledge of paediatric dosing of drugs and I get to meet and know the paediatricians there and also I am hoping that I would be able to read more.

I have real high hopes for this year. I even wrote down the goals I want to achieve this year. I normally don’t do that. I used to know where I wanted to be in a year or 2 but I never worked towards them and when the years pass and I remember the hopes I had and that they didn’t come to pass, I then to get depressed. But after successful planning my trip to SA (with God’s permission) and I saw how setting a goal and writing down a plan and not deviating from it can cause a goal to be achieved. I have decided to try it out to all aspects of my life. So I thought and thought and prayed and then wrote goals for each aspect of my life and also wrote down plans to help me achieve the goals. I intend to break down the goals into monthly ones too. I would keep praying that God would say amen to my goals and help me to be focus on achieving them.

Did I tell you guys that this is going to be a very great and special year for me? Well, by God’s grace it will be. I step into a new decade this year. Yes guys, I know I don’t look it but I am leaving a certain age group and stepping into a new one. It is exciting and scary but I trust that God has my life in his control. So I intend to enjoy every day this year. I plan on doing amazing 'out of my comfort zone' things this year and I should be doing a very special birthday giveaway. The prize would be amazing so the questions won’t be so easy. And since my birthday is about 60 days away from now, i would advise you to keep checking out this space. It would also be open to residents in other countries apart from Nigeria. Keep your fingers crossed guys...

Well, that is enough yapping for today. Hope you enjoyed today’s post. 

Luv ya,
Petite Diva….

P.S: I am now on instagram. Whoop! Whoop!! All thanks to my memopad. So follow the diva @princesspetitediva. But i need to apologize now, don't know if i would be really active. Don't understand it yet but i would try my best.


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    1. Abeg, sorry o. Don't roll it again before people begin to

  2. Looking forward to the giveaway oo. Me like awoof, lol. Once again d memo pad won't b a bad idea though. Wink..

    1. See you o. I think the memo pad is not a bad idea too. I better start looking for sponsors...

  3. Lol @ stepping out of a certain age group into another. It isnt hard to guess what age group you are referring to. :P


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