Sunday, January 5, 2014


So I loosened my weave on Friday after 2 weeks and 5 days. After the last couple of times that I had loosened my weaves by myself and cutting some inches of my hair, I decided to be going to get my weaves loosened by any hair stylist. Unfortunately the hairstylist that fixed my hair was busy doing someone’s hair and the other hair stylist that I use was on holidays. So I decided to loosen my hair using a pair of scissors instead of a blade. I had watched a youtube video when the lady used a pair of scissors to loosen her weave and I felt that I won’t cut my hair using it. And I actually didn’t cut my hair, Yay!!
Okay, now enough babbling and let me get right down to the details of my wash day.
PREPOO: I prepooed with hot oil using my special oil mix on my scalp and Emily’s Millionaire Coconut oil cream on my hair and I covered with a plastic bag and then covered with a wig cap. And I then prepooed overnight.

SHAMPOO: The next day I shampooed with black soap twice and rinsed with water.

PROTEIN TREATMENT: After mopping up the water, I applied Organics Hair Mayonnaise mixed with oil. I think I might have mixed too much oil with the hair mayonnaise because it became liquidy but I was not interested in wasting it so I had kept it for some months and decided to use it now. I used it as a heavy protein treatment. Covered my hair with a plastic bag and 2 shower caps and left it on for more than 1 hour and did some house chores.

TEA RINSE: I rinsed off the protein treatment with water, then I rinsed my hair with black tea that I had made earlier. I let it drain for some minutes, mopped up a bit then applied my deep conditioner.

DEEP CONDITIONER: I applied Organics Olive oil deep conditioner, mixed with castor oil and a mix of different oils then covered with a plastic bag, 2 shower caps and my mother’s old conditioning cap and left it on for more than 1 hour.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR RINSE: I rinsed with cold water then half rinsed with diluted apple cider vinegar. When I say half rinse, it means that I didn’t completely rinse off the apple cider vinegar.

Then I t-shirt dried for about 15 minutes and I allowed the hair to air dry for another 15 minutes, applied Profectiv growth lotion (I am running out…*wailing*), sealed with my mix of oils and my DIY whipped shea butter.

I am presently on a schedule and I would wear my hair under a wig for a week and I plan to braid it after one week. I have placed my hair in twists like I used to do when I was a natural. I noticed that because my hair was in twists i rarely had shed hair and i am able to access my scalp. I would be using my daily moisturizing kit and also my T444Z hair food.

Anyway, that is my boring wash day. I hope to have a light protein treatment prior to having my Ghana weaving/braids installed. I have some new growth but I am impatient with the length of growth. Oh well, as long as it is growing and I retain a lot of length I should be fine.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you learnt something. Oh! I forgot to mention that  Uje of suggested using a plastic bottle or wine bottle to save like a Kolo and I think that is a brilliant idea. You won’t be able to get the money out after putting it in and with a wine bottle you have to break it and with a plastic bottle you would have to cut it to get your money out. 

I really like the idea and I have started putting my money in an old wine bottle. By the way, this week is week 2, have you put away the money for week 2. If you don’t understand what I mean with the last statement, check here….

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Glad you were able to take out the weave yourself. I am too afraid since I cut a chunk of my hair the last time I tried. How do you like T444Z?

    1. Honestly Uzoma, i don't know. The first month when i used it, i mixed it with castor oil and lately i have been wearing weaves so i have not been able to use it well. Maybe i would see better results when i use it undiluted when i get my braids installed. I read once that it is better to use the hair food when your hair is in braids, apparently you can access your scalp better and it would work better. Thanks for asking....

  2. Hi Omowunmi, This is Ngozi your former classmate in Navy.Ive been following your blog religiously for over one year now and decided to comment.. I wonder why you "chickened out" and relaxed your hair..Lol. I'm over 1year natural and I just got my hair professionally deep conditioned and straighten and damn!! My hair had never looked so healthy and it actually bounced effortlessly! My husband was alsosurprised. He thought I had relaxed my hair and when I told him I hadn't he said there was no point in relaxing my hair ever again, since he had never seen my straightened/relaxed hair have that kind of And i agree with him! Also I read your hair regime religiously.. But in my opinion less is better. I think you've mixed so many hair products etc and your hair regime is getting increasing complicated, and I'm getting confused.I followed your hair regime in the beginning.But have switched to a less complicated and cheaper version using natural easy available oils/ I'll keep following and see how this pans out. I may end up converting from my old school, natural oils regime.

    1. Ngozi, i was getting a bit frustrated with the fact that i could not wear my hair straight. A lot of the hair dressers here have no clue how to blow dry and straighten natural hair. Maybe if i was in Lagos i would still be a natural. You are lucky you live where there are skilled professionals who can handle natural hair. I also wanted to prove to people that black hair can grow either in its natural or relaxed state. Since i had successful grown my hair to below shoulder length as a natural, i wanted them to see it grow in its relaxed state.

      As for my regimen, i doubt it is complicated. Apparently you have not researched on other people's regimen. They do a lot of things. I have restricted myself to items that i can get it nigeria and limited myself to prepooing, protein treatments, deep conditioning treatments, tea rinse and apple cider rinsing. I personally think it is not much and my hair hasn't complained. Hair treatment is individualised and i am sure what your hair likes won't be what my hair likes. I am glad you are enjoying your hair journey and you are reading my blog. Thanks a lot and say hi to your hubby for me....

  3. Aww, am glad the info is useful to you



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