Sunday, February 2, 2014


Hey guys, i was coming back home from church when i saw a family medicine doctor in native wear (blouse, double wrapper and gele). She looked good and i could barely recognize her which reminded me of the fact that africa has a very rich culture. And Africans are very fashionable.

African fashion is spectacular and though i don't like Gele and have no idea how i would wear iro and buba on my wedding day, i still love the way females and males look in traditional wear. I was inspired to publish a post with some pictures i stole from instagram. I hope you enjoy viewing them. I have to use my tablet to write this post because the instagram pictures are on the tablet.

For non africans here is a bit of African fashion/Nigerian fashion for you. Eat your hearts

Hope you guys loved the pictures and are inspired to sew some designs....

I gotta go now. I hope to post pictures of how yoruba brides look. I hope you would like it.

Have a lovely week ahead. Remember this is week 6 in our savings challenge.

Luv ya.
Petite Diva....

Photo credit: Instagram/Petite Diva


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