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I have been in Akwa Ibom for almost 3 years (it would be 3years exactly on july 5th) and I have always heard about Ibeno beach but no one has ever offered to take me there. So when a Yoruba corp pharmacist offered to take me I was really pleased. Oh! Did I say no one has ever offered to take me? My bad! I have been offered but I was on call and also my friend ‘said’ he would take me. The key word here is ‘said’ because I found out you can say something and it is not necessary to do that thing……#rollingmyeyes. 

What exactly is that supposed to mean? A girlfriend tried to explain that it was different from a promise but I ain’t listening. Personally I don’t think you should say you would do something and not fulfill it. I have had too many people do that and I don’t like it so I am going to try not to say what I can’t do. Anyway he said it since January and now it is May! I am still waiting.

The corp pharmacist offered about 2 months ago and had cancelled the trip about 2 times, so I was seriously praying that he won’t cancel it again even though he came to inform me very late. I had plans today but for an outing to the beach, the plans could be rescheduled to the public holiday that is coming soon.

So off to the beach we went at about 9 am because it would take us about 1hour 20 minutes to get there. People please remember that I come from Lagos and I have been to about 3 beaches in Lagos so I went with that scenario in my head. THIS BEACH WASN’T IT! AT ALL!! LIKE WHAT?!! It was super drab.

The beaches in Lagos ain’t California beaches or beaches in Dubai but people in Lagos had made it so much fun and lively that it is always a pleasure to go there. At the time the three of us arrived (another corp member joined us), we were the only ones around. About 2 other beach goers were there. The people selling food and drinks had not arrived yet! One photographer was around though. Seriously at 11am when the rain decided to spoil my plan, nobody was selling food. 

Now I get why people were talking about me preparing food but as a Lagos girl who had been to beaches before, I didn’t understand. When I went to the other beaches, I noticed I rarely ate what was brought because there are always some people selling things you want to try. For example, I drank palm wine on one occasion! And anyway, the guy told me late but next time, if there is a next time because I am a little disappointed I WOULD no, not I would, I MUST COOK! GAWD! That was nonsense!

The corp pharmacist now talked of how he wished I could go to the cinemas afterwards but he forgot his money at home (he is a guy and he drove! Men and their brains sometimes…#rollingmyeyes. How can you forget your money when you are going a fardistance?). So I decided to sponsor the trip to the cinemas. Besides they are passing out and deserved a treat (wish someone had done that to me when I was passing out of NYSC too).

Due to time we arrived, we chose a Nigerian film. And ladies and gentlemen, I LOATHE NIGERIAN MOVIES! They always seem to act rubbish! But the actresses were classy ones so I paid for our tickets, bought packs of pop corns and bottles of coke and we went to watch ‘JOURNEY TO SELF’. Lo and behold, the film made sense! #shockedtomybonemarrow….. It really made sense!! I laughed like crazy, was interested and couldn’t quite predict the ending (even though now that I think about it, it ended the way it should end). A Nigerian film that had a right ending and does not say ‘WATCH OUT FOR PART TWO’ was quite shocking to me.

I would love to get the ‘original’ dvd copy. I really need to support the producer/director/script writer. Maybe if whoever made it keeps making movies like that, all the other craps can be pushed away. I found some faults in it but they are really minor so I give them an A- (that should be about 8/10). That is really high in my critic scoring scheme. I would research on the producer and the director and anytime the person does another movie, I would be sure to watch. Was tempted to want to watch other Nigerian movies but naaaaaaaa, I don’t want to get angry watching rubbish.

So in all, I had a very nice day. It was so much fun. Haven’t  had fun like this in a long while. I even slept in the car when we were coming back and I enjoyed the Christian songs that he played…..note to self, get your hands on his collection. 

Well, that is enough yapping about my day to you guys, how was your day? I hope to do a video with the pictures later. Watch out for it. Like they say at the cinemas…..COMING SOON….lol. I really hope you enjoyed today's post.

Luv ya guys,
Petite Diva.

P.S: Oh my God Guys! Just found out that the producer and script writer of the movie is Ashionye. She is a Nigerian singer that is now also an actress. What is surprising to me is that she used to be an ‘on air personality’ at cool fm 96.9 in lagos. She was called ‘Michelle’ then; I guess she has so many talents. I hope she had success with the movie and made money from it ‘cos I read they spent 50 million naira doing the movie (I don’t know how they spent 50 million naira on the movie but that is what the production company said……#nocomment).

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