Monday, May 27, 2013


This is a quick fashion update. Sequins is back. I first saw an actress (or celebrity, not sure) in US wear a sequined gown to a red carpet event and thought she looked good. Almost bought a sequined gown myself till i saw that every jane, esther and lola (my own take on tom, dick and harry 'cos this concerns ladies) was wearing sequins!

Really, it is too much now. Aso ebis are now sequins and velvet, like for real?! Must everybody follow a particular trend! I am so glad i didn't buy the sequined dress or the velvet blazer i was eyeing, i would have been mighty pissed at myself now.

So for your viewing pleasure, i stole some pictures off of some Nigerian celebrities wearing sequins (or shine shine aka glittering dresses). I am not even going to say what i feel about that lace front wig and the tattoo on you know who and that blue thing that looks like foil paper.....#lipssealed.

Okay, here goes.....
                                                                      Eku Edewor

                                                                      Rukky Sanda

                                                                     Toyin Lawani

                                                                      Susan Peters
(P.S: Both Toyin and Susan's dress were made by the same designer. I am not saying a word....)

                                                                        Funmi Holder

                                        Abiola Segun-Williams (i prefer her own take on the sequined look)

And get this guys, they all wore it to the same event.......#disasterinmymind. Well, i guess they felt good in the outfits so that is all that

What do you think guys? Do i have a weird style?

Luv ya,
Petite diva.


  1. LOL Diva you sick! I think the red looked hot. I'd wear that (but in my size of course) for the Love of my Life *blushing shyly*
    atta gurl! 3 posts already *doing the running man* LOL

    1. I prefer the first and the second to the last. About the posts, i know, i have been really surprised myself...#smiling


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