Saturday, May 25, 2013


I have been able to make the video. I did it faster than i thought, seems i am getting a hang of this picasa stuff. Yay!!! I hope you guys enjoy the video. And before anybody yabs me about my choice of outfit, i thought it was going to be a sunny day and wore brown shorts under the skirt but i was unable to show off my fabulous figure all thanks to the rain.

And in one of the shots, my friend snapped my back view and my butt looks bigger than i thought. is it really that protruded?

There is now a game arcade at Silverbird cinemas, uyo. That is quite encouraging, the kids have another place to go to have fun....i envy them (I miss amusement parks so much. I really want to eat cotton candy again......#sadface)


Luv ya guys,
Petite Diva........


  1. LOL gaskiyaaaaa the beach is dry :'( But good thing you had fun...ass-obsessed-Diva *rme

  2. lol....i am not ass obsessed o. I am just wondering what i am going to do it to keep it from growing again....#smiling


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