Thursday, May 30, 2013


Before anybody bashes me for writing this post, it is just an observation that even Akwa ibomites who have lived in the south west or other states would agree with.

When I first came to Akwa Ibom, I noticed that whenever I went to the market and wanted to get something from someone who was not around, the neighbours to the person would pretend as if they didn’t see that I wanted something from the person’s wares.  Coming from Lagos, that attitude used to irritate me (still does). In Lagos, if the person selling was not around, the neighbour would actually help that person sell or tell you to please wait and get someone to call the other person or if they know that the person would not come soon they would inform you so that you don’t wait too long. But the Akwa ibomite traders would not answer you at all. Instead when you leave the place, they would expect you to buy something from them. 

It is really bad of them! For crying out loud, you guys are together most of the time, why can’t you guys be nice to each other and help out? I think I have only seen one instance where someone helped his neighbor sell and it was just yesterday. I was tempted to buy something from him just because he had been nice. I didn’t even know he was not the trader until the owner showed up and collected the money from me.

Another thing I also noticed is that they are very unwilling to help each other split a larger amount of money into smaller denominations. It is seriously bad! It is common among the transportation guys, they would almost always say they don’t have and can’t help out. Today I gave a keke guy 500naira and he didn’t have change, he went to meet the fuel station attendants and they didn’t have (those guys usually help people with change), then he went to meet a fellow keke guy who said he didn’t have too, then he went to meet some girls selling recharge cards and as usual they said they didn’t have. All the above people were Akwa ibomite (and before you say, how did I know? I know them because we were close to my house). 

You wouldn’t believe who finally gave him change, a ‘Hausa shoe repairer’! The keke guy spoke Hausa to the shoe repairer and the guy stopped and checked his pockets to see if he could get the complete change. What really amazed me apart from the fact that he was Hausa was the change he brought was really change… 20 naira, 50 naira, 100 naira! If people want to split 500 naira, they would give you 2 pieces of 200 naira and 1 piece of 100 naira. Seeing as all he had was those denominations, he could have easily said he could not give the keke guy since he will need it but he didn’t. I was impressed especially since this is Akwa Ibom and they are not like that. But stuff like this happens in Lagos especially among the Hausas and the Okada (motor cycle) riders. If they have change and their fellow rider needs it, they would stop even with a passenger and give the other. But in Akwa Ibom, Never!!!

They really need to change, it is really annoying. One day I was really angry when someone didn’t answer when I wanted to get something from her neighbour and was just ranting to my friend, and he agreed that their traders are like that. I was ‘like so you know?’ Anyway, I hope there is a change soon. This post is not a bashing on any tribe or any state before I am called a ‘tribalistic’ person but just an observation.

Hey! I just have to give a shout out to the newest radio station in Uyo…….Planet101.1fm. Right now I am listening to some old tunes (not necessary old school per se just songs of late 90’s and in the early 2000’s) that I used to listen to before. The station reminds me of all the station in Lagos. 

They are really a very new station so they don’t have sponsors and presenters yet just Disk Jockeys but I really hope that when they do have presenters and sponsors they don’t become boring. And I hope they are a 24 hour station too. All the other 2 stations in Akwa Ibom are a disaster (my opinion o but I can be forgiven, I come from Lagos where there are over 14 stations and counting). I haven’t bought a radio set because I just can’t listen to the other stations for more than 1hour in 7 days. 

Do you guys think I should apply to be one of their presenters? I could do a radio version of ‘musings of a petite diva’…….#smiling. I would have a once in a week show, probably on Fridays and for 3 hours talking about anything and playing great music. I would be an ‘on air personality’ rocking the air waves and spicing up the lives of the Akwa Ibom people and its environs. I would be fierce and the absolute bomb….lol. I have been thinking about it lately.

 Naaaaaa, my voice ain’t radio voice......#sadface. I don’t speak with a British or American accent and I have a babyish voice. They might think I am a child. But I really wish I could. It would be fun. Well, if I can’t do it, I can dream about it……..#sigh
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. awww *heartbreak smiley* after making me scream "Alright baby girl, alright" I continued to find out you are giving up already?! haba jor... your voice can be trained to fit radio. besides there are techno-gadgets that can amplify abi na modify ones voice!
    I like this plan :D

    1. lol.... Maybe i would just close my eyes and send my application then cross my fingers and hope they call me. What is the worst that can happen? I would suck? Then i would go back to my day job..... I just need to psych myself small.


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