Thursday, May 23, 2013



So lately I have discovered online shopping websites that sell 'high street' clothes, shoes and bags at mega cheap prices (and the ones that are not cheap I either don’t buy or I wait for them to have a sales offer) and the best part they ship to Nigeria for free or for almost free.

I have now decided to do my ‘once in a year’ wardrobe re-invention (or should that be rearrangement) with wares I buy online (I know, I am crazy uhn). But when you compare the thrifted high street aka ‘second hand’ prices in Nigeria, it is almost the same amount as the websites. The best part, THEY ARE NEW!!! Anyway, I recently spotted some shoes that I fell in love with and I want to get them. They don’t cost more than 3000naira that is about 20 dollars. So what did i do? I whipped out my GTB master card and proceed to pay, only to be told I need an ‘activation code’! Like for real?! An activation code! I don’t know what that means so I call GTB call centre and the lady tells me I need to get a token #rollingmyeyes  (whatever that means) and I have to start internet banking! LIKE FOR REAL!!! #supershocked

I am technologically backwards and I am not impressed with all these new technology. So I avoid any new ideas brought up. I have been cajoled by my friends to start using internet banking and I am like…….whatttttteeevvvveeeerrrrr. I am not going to leave my account open for anybody to have access to.

However now I have two choices: don’t get the token (which would cost me 2100 naira…..#bbmangryface) and forget about getting the gorgeous shoes which are on sale right now or get the token and start internet banking for that account. Choices! Choices!! Choices!!! So I thought to myself, since I am using an account that I don’t use except when I want to pay for something online why don’t I start the internet banking for only that bank account? That way when I need to use internet banking for anything I can easily put money in the account and do my thang……Cool? Uhn?

Not so cool but I guess I can manage with that…..(I would keep saying it, I HATE IT!!!). Oh well, it would be okay.

I am on call right now and believe me, I don’t want to be here but that is what I signed up for as a Hospital Pharmacist. So here is to a ‘non fun’ night……#cheerstome….lol.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. LMHOOOO Diva gurlll you are really silly! glad you came to an agreement with your inner self on the iBanking system (Y)


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