Sunday, May 26, 2013


I have been a natural for about 13 months now (or should I say it has been 13 months since my last relaxer) and technically if I was able to retain all or most of my hair growth I should have about  5.5 – 6 inches of hair. That should be technically shoulder length hair. However for me to really see the progress I have made I need to either relax my hair or have a blow out and flat iron it.

Simple uhn? I can’t relax my hair or rather it should be I don’t want to relax my hair so I am stuck with having a blow out and flat ironing it. However my hair stylist keeps insisting that it can’t be done and even if it can be done, it won’t be fine. This has been the major reason I do weaves that are totally covered i.e. I don’t leave any hair out. But I have decided that since I have seen it being done by so many youtubers, I am going to make her do it for me. I tried it on the strand of hairs that have decided to leave the cornrows that are under my weaves and I ain’t no hair stylist but the hairs came out reasonably stretched.

It is scary because I don’t want to experience any heat damage. It would cause a setback in my HHJ (healthy hair journey). I have already had a setback in the growth of my edges (did a kinky twist braids and had the weak sides of my edges fall out so note to self, NEVER do braids AGAIN! It is not meant for you!)

So what are the ways I plan to make sure I don’t have heat damage? 1. I intend to wash my hair at home. I am going to do the whole ritual. Hot oil treatments, shampooing, black tea rinse, protein treatment then deep conditioning. Since I need my hair to be wet when the blow out is started, I would apply the deep conditioner, cover it with a plastic bag then cover it with this lovely turban cap I have then head off to the salon.

2. I am taking my leave in conditioners and my heat serum to make sure that the right products are applied on my hair and I retain as much moisture as I can (I am such a hair product snub, if I didn’t buy or bring it then it ain’t up to my standard…….#cheekygrin)

3. I intend to direct her on what to do every step of the way. She won’t pass the iron more than twice on my hair. I don’t need it super straight. I just want to see my length and know what I need to change in my regimen or if I am doing right with the products I was able to get in Nigeria. And oh! Least I forget, I want to flaunt my ‘hopefully’ long length in the face of people who thought I can’t grow my hair to a long length. It would be fun to say ‘in ya face, folks with a very cheeky grin and flip my hair the best way I can’ (however if it ain’t long enough I am tucking my hair under a wig…lol).

I know that 6 inches might not be too long but just seeing it would encourage me and give me the motivation I need to get to my first goal of 18 inches of hair because let me tell you it ain’t easy being on this journey. Sometimes I just want to relax my hair and forget about everything.

Well that is my plan for next week, hopefully God willing everything would be alright and I won’t experience any heat damage.

Gotta run. Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Saw a post about a blogging challenge of putting up at least 3 posts a week and decided mentally to join. So let’s go there…..#dancing. I hope I can do it. Even if I post short write ups of ramblings (at least a post is a post, right?

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. True that! A post is a post! As for the hair ..*zips my mouth* I spend days not combing my natural hair its been 30 months on natural... I love afro when after I wash it, it gets all curly and boucy *love struck eyes

    1. Days not combing ke? I know they said combing should be reduced but it is so hard for me not to do so. I just finished applying my hot oil treatment and i had to remind myself not to comb my hair. 30 months natural? I really hope i even make it to 24 months. How have you managed it?


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