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Cinderella and her Prince...
If you don't know by now, let me tell you. I am a barbie girl and a Walt Disney princess girl. I love almost all of Walt Disney's fairy tale cartoons. I think i have watched all more than two times with the exception of Pocahontas 2. But my all time favorite in the whole universe is Cinderella.

There has been a whole lot of bashing of the princesses lately saying that it gives a false impression of character and body image to little children. To them i say, please chill out. It  is just good, harmless fun for crying out loud.

Anyway one day i saw a book online with the title 'lessons to learn from Cinderella' or so (i am not exactly sure of the title) and it got me thinking.

I have always loved cinderella and her lovely blue ball gown. I used to try to draw the gown and imagine me wearing something similar at a similar fantastic ball. But i loved her more when i analysed some of her traits. And also because i have a Cinderella's type of feet (our feet are so tiny that no one can wear our

So let me start with my analysis. The first point is the Cinderella was not born a princess, she was normal person with no title (though some stories say that her mum was an aristocrat with a title). She was not some sissy who was waiting to be rescued. She was working in her father's house even though she was treated unfairly by her step mother, she still loved doing her work. She was strong and had respect for her father's memory.

I like the fact that she was not sitting around dreaming of a guy in a white horse to come and rescue her. She was doing something while waiting for her break. It might have been forced on her but the point is that she was doing something. I really don't get when some ladies are not interested in doing anything for themselves because they are waiting for one guy to come and provide everything for them. I can remember vividly when two of my university classmates said that i was waiting for a knight on a white horse. Just because i refused to date someone at that time. In my mind i was like uhn? Did i tell you that i need rescuing? Did i tell you i needed a knight in a shinning armor? If the knight likes he should come on black, blue, orange or white horse i don't care. If he thinks by appearing on a horse i would instantly faint or do all those things girls do then he has got something coming to him. He has to work for me. I ain't no cheap thing.

I like that Cinderella was a go getter. she saw an opportunity and she took. She went to the ball when her godmother dressed her in the finest ball gown ever. But what i loved was that she went to the ball to have fun not trap any husband. Fortunately for her the prince liked her even without knowing her name and family background. It means he liked her for who she was which means that she had a great personality. And that she was real or true to herself. I have been astonished to hear how girls go to certain places or parties to get men. The day i heard that ladies wear their sunday best to go to the Le meridian hotel in Uyo just so that they can sleep with the foreigners who are lodged there, i could barely close my mouth in surprise. If not because of the possibility of flies entering my mouth i would have probably left it open for a long time. Are you kidding me?! They dress up, sit at the bar order a cheap drink and wait for the men to come. Like what about herpes, HIV and other STIs uhn? Unfortunately i am not the type of the men, i am not tall or voluptuous or i would have gone there to investigate with a camera and put the men and girls on an epic reveal on youtube.

So when she left the glass slippers for the prince to follow her (even if it was by mistake) and he appeared in her home she placed herself in the right position to be seen. She was locked up but she didn't allow that to deter her. She was present when she needed to be present and waited for the prince to work for her. Some women are so desperate it is embarrassing. A guy should work for you....

Here are more pictures of Cinderella and her blue ball gown...
Image result for cinderella cartoon pictures

Image result for cinderella cartoon pictures

You see why i love Cinderella.... And recently a Cinderella movie was made which i hope is good and sticks to the original story. All this changing stories to be so called 'relevant or modern' is irritating. Imagine removing the cape of superman and redesigning his suit ehen (a reason that even with my undying love for superman i never watched that remake). Superman is superman with the S on his chest, the red pant, the cape and the boots!! Enough Said...

That is all for now guys. By the way have you heard about the training i am conducting in uyo. If no, where have you been? If yes, have you paid for it? It holds on the 18th of April 2015.

You would not believe that during the clinical meeting of my department, one of my senior colleagues blew up the whole thing. She made me sound bigger than i am. I was so shocked and happy at the same time. I do hope that i get a lot of attendees. Quite a lot of people indicated interest in attending. Can you imagine that i just realised that i left the flyers at work? I wanted to take it to church on sunday and have it distributed. This is not good. Oh well, i still have three weeks to go.

Thanks for stopping by guys.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....

P.S: I have a small gist for you. So a guy that i can't remember when he first saw me, comes up to me to get my number and then says he would like to take me on a date. Calm down! I am not gisting you guys because he wants to take me on a date, it is the fact that he used 'take me on a date'. Do you know how i hate it when a guy who wants to get to know says 'where do you live so that i can come and visit you?'. For God's sake, i don't know you. I live alone and it is a risk for me to allow you to come to my house. Then he would expect you to cook, do i look like your chef? And then i hate the sentence 'let me take you out'. I know i am a weird girl but there are some things that instantly put me off. I am working on it but i am not even half way there, oh well. As for the date boy, i don't know but i think he is too young for me however i am not sure yet....


  1. Hahahaha... I love cinderella and I even watched cinderella story. the one done by humans
    It's a movie with lessons to learn

  2. Hahahaha... I love cinderella and I even watched cinderella story. the one done by humans
    It's a movie with lessons to learn

  3. I loveeeeeeeee the story of Cinderella..I relate to it on a different level mehn!!!


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