Wednesday, March 11, 2015


My swanking new business card.. Pink and Purple....Fierce! (Front and back)
Hey guys, it is here. It is finally here. One of my secrets is finally here. It arrived on Monday but I was seriously too ill to tell you about it.

On Sunday I spent the night tepid sponging my body to reduce my temperature. I was so hot i am sure I could have boiled an egg with my body temperature..

Anyway I am better now, I still have a headache and have been popping paracetamol in a bid to send it away.

So I decided that I need to take myself serious. I wanted to package myself as a successful person and one attribute or item I noticed that serious business and successful people have is a business card. Yes I know I don't have a business name or logo but I have services I can provide so I decided the best time to get a card was now.

I had earlier contacted someone to make a sample which I wasn't really impressed with the designs and then he made matters worse by saying that he can only produce 300 copies at 35,000 naira (almost $175). I was like what? I don't have that kind of money. While I was thinking of what to do, I remembered a printing company called It is the Nigerian version of

So I decided to try them and ordered my cards. I chose my design because it is fierce like me. I would talk about the design I chose, how I adjusted the design to suit my style and why I chose the different types later in a preview post of the services of printivo.

Today, it is all about me showing off my Here are some pictures:
How it was packaged...

The two types I ordered: rounded corners and straight corners
Amazing cardholding pack.
So what do you think? Is it fierce like me? I think it has character like me. It has pink (why I chose it) and royal purple to reflect my royal status....hehehe

Thanks guys for stopping by....

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.....


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