Wednesday, March 11, 2015


My swanking new business card.. Pink and Purple....Fierce! (Front and back)
Hey guys, so we all know about my secret and i know you guys must be dying to know how i got my cards and what was involved. Well have a seat, grab a coke or beer and continue reading....

So in my last post i told you guys of the encounter i had with the other printer who said he only printed quantities from above 300. I don't blame him though. He is a small printer and would probably use more money to produce less or something like that, i am not sure. Anyway i don't know how i got to know about but i follow their account on instagram. So after the guy practically pursued me away with his price, i decided to snoop around printivo's site.

The company has templates for cards, flyers, envelopes, letterhead papers and so much more. They are a printing company that seem to have a large clientele and are trying to make printing affordable for people. Anyway the idea is to choose one of their templates include the information you want to appear on it and adjust it to your taste then order for printing.

You know how funky and dramatic i can be, i wanted something fierce and pinky. I flipped through a lot of their design looking for the one that out rightly said 'DIVA'. So when i saw the template i eventually chose, i was like YES! We have got ourselves a winner....*dancing*.

The design to me did not box me into any stereotype of what i can bring to the plate. It shows that i am a surprise waiting to happen. I liked the fact that the front looks like a pinky or purplish colour (because of my love for pink) and the back is a royal purple color (to represent my royal blood).

The female character or picture on the card screams UNIQUE and ATTITUDE. The hair is a mixture of light purple, purple and how dope is that? Then her lips was given a lip color which represents my love for make up.....Like really this card was made for me....Can somebody say Amen?

Anyway now here are the pros and cons using the company (i hope i don't get into trouble for my review like i did with shippyme. Those guys called me like crazy after my review of their services.)

  • I like the fact that they have a lot of templates to choose from. They tried to put something to suit everybody.
  • I like the fact that they also have the option of people uploading their own design. This means that people who already have a soft copy of their cards can print from them at their costs.
  • I like the fact that i was able to use my card online without any problem. I am a bit skeptical of using my cards online on Nigerian sites. I am really wary of double billing and at a point i thought i was billed twice but i just panicked for no reason.
  • I like the fact that i actually got a reasonably fair quality of card. I was really afraid that i was going to get a sorry ass kind of card but i think i am okay with the card's quality.
  • The price was not too overly priced. I had some extra expenses because i wanted rounded corners (i wanted to compare between the rounded corners and the straight corners) and because they were shipping to Uyo. But i was given a 10% discount coupon which i used and it help knock off a nice amount of my bill. My total bill before including the coupon was 11,200 naira after redeeming the coupon it was 10,080 naira....Not bad right?
  • I like the table card holder they placed the cards in...It is super cute.

This is the part most of the companies don't want to see. Oh well, i had some issues and i think it would be fair i state them.
  • I spent almost 3 hours trying to adjust the template to my taste. Why? I don't know what was wrong but the cursor or something had a mind of its own. You have to watch what you are typing carefully. At first i thought i was the problem, then i thought it was my computer but when i was a video of how to adjust the templates to your taste i saw that it was the way the program was.....#weird.
  • Then another reason i spent a long time was because i didn't realise that you needed to keep saving your design so that when you were through you would be able to order your cards. So i would have done everything right, then discover that the order button was missing. I literally redesigned my card three times before i was able to order for it. I had to be saving it every 5 minutes....It was so annoying.
  • I feel that if you are not good in designing or creative enough you might have a problem in making the cards really unique. But if you are not much of a diva like me, you should be just fine typing in what you want and getting it printed without much problem. 
  • I guess because i am in Uyo, things cannot be delivered to this place fast enough. But when i was called i was told that it would take 5 working days for my cards to reach here. However it took 7 days (it arrived on the 7th day). I really don't have a problem but i got a conflicting statement from their instagram account where i was told it would arrive on the 3rd working day (i guess he or she didn't know better). 
  • When i had not received my cards after the 6th day, i left a message on the page of their instagram account and i am surprised that till today the person did not reply me. I don't even know if the comment is still on their page or not. It would have been nice if they had tried to explain what was going on then.

Well i think this review is quite fair. I am not witch hunting anybody o before i begin to get calls from right, left and centre.....#nottakingdownthisreview

Now the big question: WOULD YOU USE THEM AGAIN? Yes buuuuttttttt i would have the cards delivered to my house in Lagos (to prevent spending extra money and reducing the delivery time)
and i would use them when i have my own logo and design.

Hopefully when i am through with these cards i would have made so much contacts and made quite a large amount of business deals that are profitable and be able to grow into having my own logo and design.

So i suggest that you guys check them out and get your own cards. I don't want to hear that i don't have a business so i don't need one. What of if you happen to meet Bill Gates or Obama or Bill Clinton or Aliko Dangote or someone that really matters to you and they ask for your card or contact because they feel there is something that you can help them do? You would now say errmmmm i don't have a card but my number is zero eight zero...blah blah....

Please do you guys now get my drift. SO GET A CARD!! Even if all you write on it is your name, phone number, email address and home address. I didn't even write my home address on my card.

Okay, enough of the talking and Thanks so much for stopping by...

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....

P.S: This is not a sponsored post. I paid for the cards with my hard earned money and the views stated here are all mine based on my experience.


  1. Hmm... This sounds like what I need right now. I can't seem to find a sensible printer in Ibadan. The last set I had made were utter rubbish and the guy didn't even complete the order. Nice one.

    1. Thanks. I am glad I was able to help. Do check them out....

  2. Hahaha... that take my number ish can be embarrassing sha....


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