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This year's conference is in Dusseldorf, Germany

This write up is not going to go down well with a lot of pharmacists because I am going to put them on a blast but hey, I had to speak up. I don’t know it all but I need to understand what exactly is going on.

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So what is FIP and IPSF? FIP stands for international pharmaceutical federation and IPSF stands for international pharmaceutical students' federation. Usually once a year they host a national conference in a country for all pharmacists and/ pharmacy students.

It is a cool event in which matters that affect pharmacy all over the world are discussed and new development are presented to pharmacists to improve their practice. It is also an event where people can meet new people and network.
I have had friends and senior colleagues who have attended the FIP conference. I remember during one of our lectures at WAPCP most of the lecturers were just saying that they just came back from FIP and blah blah blah.
The event itself is spectacular but lately I have began to wonder why people actually go to the events. Something happened during the weekend that made me start thinking about it. A younger colleague was talking about someone who is involved in ‘helping people’ to go for these events. She apparently is able to pull strings to help people go for such international events. This is all good but what ticked me off the wrong way was when I was told that because of that some people are unable to stand up to her when some things that they don't like occur.

And I am like, excuse me please?! What is going on here? Is it because of some international travel that people are losing their way? Do you think that the only way you would set foot out of the shores of Nigeria is if someone helps you go for a conference? Then I was asked if I would attend this year and I said no, a big NO. Not because I don’t have the money (I could plan it to be my adventure for this year) but because I know I would be going for the wrong reasons. I would be going because everyone wants to attend the conference. What is the point of attending the conference and not getting or gaining a damn thing. I would be so distracted by the places i could have gone to that i would probable leave the event and go sightseeing and shopping. Bad uhn? The NAHAP and PSN conference that I breezed into were a disaster. I went for fun which is ridiculous. I didn’t network; I barely concentrated on what was said. Which is pathetic, I know. 

My excuse is that it was in Nigeria…..hahaha. Okay, let me be serious. I really did not understand what conferences were all about and when they start to talk and talk and talk……I zone out, completely (I think it is because of the traces of my ADD…Attention deficit disease that i feel I have). So that is one of my excuse and also the fact that I don’t want to go to a new country and be forced to attend lectures upon lectures when I could be painting the town pink (not and having a great time. Going to new countries and places is for adventure, baby…

Well I am strange as you can all see. But the reasons some of these young ones have for wanting to go for these international events is…….to show off (okay, they don’t say that to me but I could guess it). I asked one young pharmacist why he wanted to attend IPSF conference and what they did there and the reply……..i don’t know o. I just wanted to go and I was like …..really? You want to spend so much money to travel and you don’t know what you are going to do there. Like for real?

And it is not just only that person, I noticed it in the way some of them talk about the conference. And unfortunately I am not impressed (i am a weirdo, i know). FIP/IPSF has a lot to offer than just taking pictures and having bragging rights that you attended. It has the potential to shoot you out of this world. Very few people have understood that part and that is the reason why so many go there and come back the SAME WAY!! 

I would never go and come back the same way. All my travels have inspired me in one way or the other and right now I have like almost 4 projects that I am about to embark on. They scare me to death but when I want to quit, I draw inspiration from my travels and what I learned when I travelled and have faith in God  that they would be a success.

To go for the conference and all you can say when you come back is…..we saw this, we ate this and we took pictures doesn’t quite cut it out for me. You have to bring back much more than that. I would go for FIP one day but it would be at the time I am looking for inspiration on bigger dreams that would knock the pharmacy world in Nigeria out of its hinges.

To the young ones (I am getting old in this game….7 years and counting), going to FIP or IPSF conference is not the issue, you have to go there to get closer to your dreams. But then again, what are your dreams? It should not be going there to take pictures and have bragging rights (that is super ridiculous). It has got to be outstanding. Think Big, think bold, think out of this world. Write them down, think of ways to achieve them and if you are stuck in a rut (like I was), look for inspiration to get out of the rut. Go to the conference with the aim of being inspired and motivated. Open your eyes and your ears and let the new world take your imagination beyond the skies. Then come back and make a difference…. I think it is also applicable to everyone no matter the age.

I think I just yapped a lot *coversmyface* but I felt I needed to say something. To the non pharmacists, I hope you were able to relate to some things I wrote about and are inspired.

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Update on my fund raising project: It has not gone as I imagined but it has not gone badly. A friend has supported the project with $100, amazing right? And even though the fund raising event is going to end in about 11 days time, I have high hopes things can get better. However I am trying to set up a new plan that might not cost so much and the money I have raised would be able to conveniently cover the expenses and the kids would have a great time and be motivated.

Okay, now I really have to go. Thanks so much for stopping by….

Luv ya,
Petite Diva….


  1. Lol..petitediva hope your fellow pharmacists won't come clapping back at you

    1. Hahaha....I am sure they will but i don't care o.

  2. You will do okay. All the bestime Ms. Petite :)
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