Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Happy Independence Day to all Nigerians. I wish Nigeria peace and I pray that the leaders we have would rededicate themselves to serving the people and not serving their pockets. I really pray that they would remember why they are in their positions and remember that one day they would give account of what they have done to God.

So It is another October 1st and as Nigerians are celebrating the independence day, I am also trying to enjoy my free day (I was not placed on call today, yippee!).
                                                           Cutie Nigerian Fairy..

So my original plan was to send a package to my dad, buy some stuff in the market then have my first professionally done pedicure.

Lo and behold, I was able to do all that I planned except getting my pedicure. I arrived at the salon and the lady was not around, I called and she didn’t pick up but later she called and said she was on her way. I waited for almost 1 hour and left. I don’t have  all that time to waste. How would you say you are on your way and almost 40 minutes later you have not arrived? I might go back later but right now I don’t feel like going back.

So before deciding to go for the pedicure, I had a choice to go to the cinemas or go for the pedicure, I chose the latter. However as that plan was cancelled, I decided to check out the movie listing and brave the crowd that I would encounter. Checking the movie listing, the movies were not encouraging. AKWA IBOM! You have spoiled the only place that used to make me feel like I was somewhere. Okay na! Continue o. (I would explain that statement one day).

So I have decided to stay at home. After writing this post, I am going to get off my lazy ass (*smiling) and try to locate where I can get a tub of ice cream. Don’t judge me, i know i took one last week but I think I need something to make me smile and right now, ice cream is on my mind *Dancing….

Here are some pics of my manicure/pedicure sets that I wanted to use and me waiting for the lady, oh well, I guess the pedicure would be another day. I happened to have gotten her number so before I leave the house I would try to call so that I am not disappointed again.

Enjoy checking out my pictures and have a lovely day.

Thanks for reading.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

P.S: I desperately need a car.......*cryinginfactwailingandkickingmylegsupintheair. Rain has been beating the crap out of me and i absolutely don't like it. I really need a car and i don't know how i would get it. Lord, please bless me with a good, working car (i would manage a second hand car that is not fancy), Amen.

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