Thursday, October 31, 2013


I am super duper excited guys, today a pharmaceutical company came and taught us about E-dispensing and also set up the whole system in 2 units. And guess what guys, my present unit was one of them. Whoop! Whoop!! I am so excited. I know my readers in the US or UK or even in Victoria Island or Lekki would not understand why I am excited cos most pharmacies use there E-dispensing. However for me to be a part of the mini training and actually get a chance to use it while I am here in Akwa Ibom, I am super grateful to God.

I am glad that I would get to be familiar with the programme so that if I ever leave this place and apply to a place that has this system operating I would have an advantage over other applicants who don't know how to use the system.It felt really cool entering the information and printing out the labels.

For people who have travelled abroad and visited their pharmacies, E-dispensing is not new to them. E-dispensing simply replaces the handwritten labels that we usually carry and ensures that we place the drugs in containers that are child safe and clearly labeled, though dispensing envelopes are still being used they are so much secure and bigger than the previous envelopes. The E-dispensing also allows for electronic medical record keeping. It allows us to track all the drugs that a patient has been on, the time the patient came for his drugs, if the patient needs a refill we are able to retrieve his records without looking for the prescription. Daily sales and frequency of drugs prescribed and so much information can be gotten from the system. It also allows to carry out proper pharmaceutical care.

The system can be used in community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy. When the guys were teaching us, I had a fair knowledge of how it was supposed to work and I was able to understand what they were saying quickly. I guess I understood quickly because of where I did my internship. Like I said I did my internship training in a community pharmacy because I was tired of waiting for a hospital to call me to come for the internship program and I was not interested in leaving Lagos. However I am grateful for the fact that I did my internship there because not only did I learn a lot about drugs and pharmacy practice but I learnt how to run a pharmacy and how to operate the sales/stock software and Ms Excel and so much more. 

The guys setting up the program could see that I had that computer knowledge and at a point when one of them was showing me how to back up (which I was used to because we used to back up our sales/stock everyday at the pharmacy) I left to get some things from my boss’s office and he made sure i was called back just to show me how to finish the process and I was also showed how to shut down since I was used to windows 7. They were impressed and I am sure they would like me to be a part of the training but as I am still a lowly Pharmacist 1 I am sure that I won’t be selected but it doesn’t matter. I am trying to get all the information that I can from them while they are around and I would read the manual that they brought and I know that i would be fine.

About a year ago or more, I read an interview of a pharmacist in a top private hospital in Lagos in Flair (aka True Love) and she stated E-dispensing as part of her duties and I wondered when I would ever get there. Now I can officially say that e-dispensing is part of my duties here at UUTH, Uyo, Yippee!!

Lately I seem to see that God has a plan for everything that happens to me. It was part of his plan that I would do my internship training at the community pharmacy for a time like this and that my original paln to do my youth service would not work for a time like this. I don’t know why I was allowed to be here for the E-dispensing to be brought in place now but I guess it is all part of a bigger plan (maybe I would soon set up my own pharmacy soon……*dreamingbig). 

Here are some pictures i took when we were been taught on how to use the programme:

Whatever the reason is I am grateful to God for allowing Biofem (the company that paid for the E-dispensing to be brought) and especially grateful to Pharm Daniel Awolaja (my senior in pharmacy school) to choose UUTH, Uyo to be chosen for the implementation of the program and also for the meal (thank you sooooo much Pharm Daniel). Things are looking up for pharmacy; hopefully we would be able to maintain the system. God willing I intend to try my possible best to make sure that we maintain the system even if I have to blackmail all the pharmaceutical reps that come to the pharmacy.....*smiling.

Gotta go guys, I am washing my hair this night because I want to roller set it tomorrow. I would have washed on Friday and roller set on Saturday but the hair stylist won’t be around that day and I would be treating 3 of my client’s hair on Saturday so I won’t have time for my own hair. I have started a count down for when I would relax my hair, I am sooooo nervous. It has been almost 17 months without a relaxer.

Oh, before I forget I might be MIA for a while. I have a presentation in less than 3 weeks. I am kinda of prepared but as you all know I hate public speaking I need to psych myself a lot and be super prepared. Guys, wish me luck and pray for me, I need to learn how to speak in public boldly because I see myself doing public speaking a lot in the future.

Thanks so much for reading.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


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