Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I am sooo excited ‘cos I think my hair business might take off soon. Yay!! I had been looking for people I could place on a regimen so that I can have proof when I start making serious money from teaching on healthy hair practices when out of the blue yesterday morning a friend after hearing me hype about the work on my boss’s hair and also hearing  from my boss, she asked that I help her with her hair. And me I gladly said a big yes.

That would be guinea pig number 3 (hey, no one should tell them they are my guinea pigs o, my 2 friends and my boss). I can think 3 people as my free guinea pigs (I would soon enter big trouble….lol), okay not guinea pigs but I am glad I have 3 people who have willingly accepted that I should use their hair for my experiments. Thank you very much guys, I really appreciate it. I really hope that I am able to get their hair to be healthy and long. I know it would take time and patience and they might not have that. So that is why I am going to relax my hair in December(or earlier) and prove to them that with patience and proper hair care practices they too can reach whatever hair goal they set out for themselves.
I would have relaxed my hair earlier but I am currently rocking a weave and later I want to try roller setting my natural hair. I want to see if it is really possible to roller set natural hair. This would help me convince some naturals who might be my customers on the fact that they can roller set their hair and have stretched hair without direct heat. There are so many naturals in Nigeria who know nothing about their hair.

I am also going to try washing my hair when in a weave. I discussed it with a friend and she was like it can’t be done and I told her that I had heard and seen people on the internet wash and condition their hair in a weave. My only problem is that I don’t have applicator bottles to use to apply the shampoo and conditioner. Oh well, I am sure I would find a way out.

Oh yeah, before I forget, the friend who offered her hair for me to experiment with asked me to write a hair regimen for her,  I actually did but a senior colleague advised me that I shouldn’t give anyone a regimen yet. She said I should just carry out the regimen on people (after they had paid me for consultation,my  time and products to be used) and to make sure I followed up on them. I actually think the idea is great. I am going to do just that but I know eventually I would want to teach people on healthy hair care practice, however for now I need proof that all the techniques that I have been using since last year April actually work on all hair types and on different degree of hair damage.

And I have also been asked to develop a facial regimen for people. Apparently my face is super glowy and smooth to people and considering a lot of people knew me when I had some serious blemishes, it is a miracle to them that my face is seemingly spotless and glowy. So I am also thinking of making money from that too. Hey don’t judge me, Warren Buffet (or is it Brian Tracy) advises on multiple source of income and considering that due to the new system of payment now anything can happen with our salary (some people have not been paid for 2 months) I need a second source of income. Besides I paid money to learn on how to carry out healthy skin care practices and i practiced on my face.

Till most of what I need aligns, I would keep pressing forward towards my goal. Sorry, my aussie friend, I know, it is another hair post. But you know you could also grow your hair and join in the fun……lol

Thanks so much for reading guys.
Luv ya,
Petite Diva.

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