Sunday, October 27, 2013


I recently suffered a setback in my hair journey and as annoying as it was i just had to accept it. Apparently I have been fixing too much weave. I have been doing the same style lately and it has started telling on the left part of my hair. And then when I was loosening my hair, I cut about 5 inches of my hair by mistake. When I saw what I had done I was quite sad but since I had suffered an earlier setback and my hair gradually grew back I knew it would grow back. All I needed to do was tweak my regimen, stop all protective styles with attachment and go back to my twist(with my natural hair) and my wigs.

Suffering a setback on a healthy hair journey is inevitable. Since no one is 100% sure of what her hair would like or not like, you are bound to make a mistake one time or the other. My first setback was caused by braids. I thought that since the hair at my edges had filled out my hair could withstand the strain of braids (I also thought that the braiders would be gentle) but I was so wrong. I had 2 bald spots after the twists. Now the spot at my right side is filling up nicely but the spot at my left is not because i have been fixing the same style for all my weaves for months.

I also seem to have just understood why it is advisable to do a protein treatment before doing any (long term) protective style to your hair. I did a moisturizing wash prior to my last weave at home because I had run out of the protein treatment I brought home (lagos). When I loosened the weave  and detangled my hair I found out that I had so much broken and shed hair, I was amazed because the last time I had such huge breakage was when I did my last twists. My hair had not broken like that for months. I thought I probably had protein overload and decided that I won’t do any protein treatment again.

But since I didn’t do a protein treatment before the weave I did a light protein treatment after loosening the weave. A week later I did a moisturizing wash and the hair I lost was sooooo small. I was totally confused. Then I remembered why protein treatment is advised before a protective style. Protein treatment is advised because protein treatments strengthen your hair. The extra strength would be needed due to the manipulation that would occur with the protective style. So since I didn’t do it before the weave my hair couldn’t withstand the stress. So I now understand that I don’t have protein overload.

Sometimes you could experience a setback when you use products that are not suitable for your hair. I try to stick to products that work for me but the fun part of a hair journey is trying products that might be good for your hair. There is a possibility that there is a better product suitable for your hair out there but you would never know without trying. You just have to pray and keep your fingers crossed and also forget about the money you spent because if it is not working for your hair you need to let it go. Besides you need to have alternatives in case your go to products is out of stock for a long while. Fortunately for me i have not found any product that is not good for my hair.

So basically setbacks for me have resulted from bad protective styles and bad protective style prepping practices but for some people it could be as a result of using the wrong products or having a hair regimen that doesn’t work for them. But the most important thing to remember is that once you experience a setback, you need to find out the cause then cut it out of your regimen and try to tweak your regimen to slowly recover from the setback.

That is all for now folks, hope you enjoyed today's post. It has been five days since my parcel reached the U.S office of the shipping company I am using. They claim to deliver between 5-12 days, yep, I am that eager. I would show you what I ordered if you promise not to laugh at me…

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva.


  1. Sorry that you suffered a setback. I'm glad you were able to discover the cause of it. Knowledge is power. :) I'm sure your hair will grow back better and healthier.

  2. Thank you. I hope that is my last setback for a longgggg time.


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