Sunday, February 16, 2014


I loosened my hair on Friday/Saturday and I have to say that was my best loosening experience ever! I cut the ends of the braids to a level that was longer than my hair in other too make it easy for me to loosen. When I had removed the extensions I sprayed oil onto my hair and applied a bit of normal conditioner (VO5) then carefully detangled with my fingers. Detangling was a breeze. I had very little amount of shed hair. 

After I was through, I combed my hair with my wide tooth comb but I didn’t oil my hair again as I wanted to go out. So I had a bit more broken hair but the whole amount of hair that was shed/broken was still small compared to all my previous detangling after wearing braids or cornrows for 3 weeks. I was seriously impressed. It then occurred to me that my wash day before I had the cornrows installed was a super heavy protein treatment with a little bit of egg white which I feel must have made my hair super strong. Go figure! 
I have decided to build a regimen for myself and stick to it for about 6 months depending on how my hair responds to it. My plan is to conduct a light or medium protein wash immediately after loosening a protective style that I have carried for more than 2 weeks. Then wear wigs for 2 weeks during which I would conduct what I call a 'moisturising' wash and before I install another protective style I would conduct a super heavy protein wash. I am hoping I won’t get bored and try to change my plan and hope my hair would respond appropriately to my regimen.

So here is how my wash day went. I conducted a light protein wash.
1.   I prepooed with hot oil on my scalp, applied a little to my hair strands and applied VO5 conditioner on my hair as well. Covered with a plastic bag and shower cap. Left it for about 45 minutes.
2.     I washed my hair with my diluted VO5 shampoo. I probably have what would last me for another 2-3 years of that
3.   Conducted a tea rinse with the tea that I brewed using Ahmad black tea, strawberry flavoured.
4.  I allowed the tea to drain a bit then applied a mixture of ORS replenishing conditioner, Organics Olive oil deep conditioner, honey, my DIY oil mix, castor oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus oil. I mistakenly poured a little more of the eucalyptus oil than necessary. I applied the mixture on my hair, covered with a plastic bag and 2 shower caps. I usually would have applied the ORS conditioner first (protein conditioner) rinsed off then applied the organics conditioner later but there was no time so I had to mix them together. After leaving the conditioners on my hair for about 1 hour, I rinsed off with cold water and wrapped with my micro fiber towel (didn’t feel like using my t-shirt that day) for some minutes. When I removed the towel, I could smell the eucalyptus oil and I loved it. I knew I put too much but I didn’t care. It didn’t irritate my scalp so I was happy. Eucalyptus oil has anti fungal properties and helps stimulate growth but me I am just using it for its smell….lol. I don’t have dandruff or any fungal hair infections but the way I incorporate anti fungal ingredients into my hair regimen, I think the fungi sef is afraid of my hair……lol and it should please stay that way o.

5.     After allowing my hair to air dry a bit, I remembered to apply my protein leave in conditioner (Vitale anti breakage leave in conditioner) and my moisture leave in (Profectiv break free leave in). After more drying, I applied Profectiv moisturiser, my oil mix and shea butter to my hair that was still a bit damp, detangled and packed it into a bun.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how my wash day went. I would say I had a lovely wash day, my hair is soft and I am almost 14 weeks post relaxer. I see my new growth and feel it too but it seems my hair is behaving properly. Only problem I have is that my hair seems to absorb moisture quickly. I would spray it and seal with oil and butter but in the next 2 hours it is as if I didn’t do anything. I don’t want to have to start doing green house effect every day o or be moisturising 2 times a day so this hair had better behave.
I have been having some issues with network, I have no idea when I would be able to post this write up but I hope you get to see it soon. Till airtel behaves I would continue writing and upload when the network is strong. I would probably upload a lot at the same time. Thanks for stopping by…
Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Had to ask Really How is that Vitale Leave in working for you? Finding a review for it is like looking for a needle in a micro coarse hay stack!! :P

  2. I can't honestly say because i use two leave ins, i have never tried using it alone and i don't think i would do so. It is protein based and i like always balancing it with a moisture based leave in.


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