Friday, February 7, 2014


Hey guys, this post is coming a bit late. I should have written it a long time ago but I have been just plain lazy and Nepa abi is it PHCN has not been helping and since I am generator less I just keep postponing it.
I just came back from a burial. I was unable to take pictures at the burial but I was able to take some at the hospital before we went to the burial site. I would be sure to upload some here and on my instagram page. If you are not following me there, I think you should so as not to miss out on all my My i.d is princesspetitediva, because you all know I am a princess and a diva.
Yesterday my aunt sent a message asking for some clarification concerning items that she could use in washing her hair and she made mention of the fact that she had retouched her hair. I was shocked because I remembered that she said she wanted to be retouching every 6 months and her last retouch session was not up to 12 weeks. So I asked her about it and how her hair was doing. Her reply was that her hair was really great that after 2 months and 2 weeks (approximately 74 days) she had so much new growth that she had to retouch it.
And I felt so proud of myself. It felt really good to be able to educate people on how to take care of their hair and for them to see great results. It also encouraged me to scrap a plan that I had and to use the money to get a shop and start some serious marketing of my services. I know a lot of people have hair issues and a lot of people would gladly pay for my services. Also a friend who is one of my guinea pigs helped her sister to loosen her cornrows and oiled the hair and scalp first then detangled it. 

Her sister was looking for her usual major hair strands that would have been broken and she saw no breakage. My friend said her sister was shocked. Such stories warm my heart. So watch out guys, I may be launching my hair clinic shop in a few months.
Last week Sunday while I was trying to read and watch TV (don’t ask, it was my first time doing so but I usually read with music), I was watching a Bishop TD Jakes programme called ‘body, mind and soul’ on BET. His guest was guess who……LL COOL J. And my first thought was what is Bishop TD Jakes doing with that man. I half listened to some parts and even stood up to do somethings but later as I listened I came to realise that ll cool J had some serious stuff to say. He talked about learning how to forgive his dad from his mum after his dad shot his mum and grandpa. How his dad helped his career at the initial stage and how he breaks barriers. He talked about his wife and kids (didn’t know he had a wife and they had been married for a long time) and how he almost killed a burglar that came to his house when his wife and kids were sleeping. The most shocking part of his interview was when he quoted Malachi 3:10. He was responding to a question about church and tithing. My mouth was open. I was like what in the world?! He said that he has to give his tithe especially as he knows that his life has been God all through. Bishop Jakes was surprised too and reminded me that ll cool j’s tithe won’t be a small amount. It would probably run into millions and ll cool j said ‘yes and that he still gives his tithe’. 
I was blown away. It shows that you should never judge a book by its cover. He also said that to be a success in life, you need to look stupid at times and go forward with your dreams. And that you need to live above and beyond your limits. I was seriously encouraged by the programme and have decided that anytime I want to get scared about doing something, I would remind myself that I have to look stupid to be ahead of people and to live my dreams.
A couple of days ago, I happened to see a letter on the net written by NMA leaders to their members and I absolutely did not want to read it so that I don’t get angry or discouraged but I did. And all I could do after reading was laugh, really laugh. I seriously hope my friends who are doctors attend the next NMA meeting and ask that the letter be withdrawn. The letter was embarrassing; I am embarrassed on their behalf. I couldn’t stop laughing. It was seriously hilarious. I started wondering about the capabilities of the NMA chairman and his executives. Honestly they need to withdraw it because the competence and intelligence of the NMA executives has been questioned by a lot of non medical personnel. Oh well, I enjoyed reading it and laughing. It is an open page on my tablet.
I am loosening my Ghana cornrows/braids and applying oil then conditioner on my hair to detangle it. I just started but I have seen a little amount of shed hair for the first set of braids that I have detangled. I am using my fingers to detangle and with the way I am detangling I am sure that I might not finish until Sunday. Oh well, anything to retain the maximum amount of length of hair that I can.
I also started carrying out the much talked about 'inversion' method. It is said that doing the inversion method for 7 days at a stretch in a month can add 1 inch to your hair per month. Don’t know if it worked but I tried to do it this last 7 days. I used the Muslim praying method but there are many styles of doing it. I tried it before but the method I chose caused my back to aching that I had to stop on day 4. 
That is all for now. Hope you enjoyed today’s ramblings and check back for pictures of my dress that I wore to the burial.
Thanks for stopping by. 
Luv ya,
Petite Diva…

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  1. Going through your blog. Interestingly, I also started my hair journey a few weeks ago- after several false starts. I just have a question: what is the inversion method?
    Also, I totally think you should start the hair clinic thing. A hair blogger recently started something like that here in Lagos and she only takes appointments, no walk-ins as she still has her regular job.
    I keep asking where she was 4 years ago when my hair fell desperately apart. I'm sure people would thank you!


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