Thursday, February 20, 2014


It has been a horrible few days because i have been unable to access internet. My internet provider has been giving me series of headaches and i have been so upset. I had written this post since last week wednesday and hopefully today i would be able to upload it. I do hope you enjoy reading it.

After almost 22 months of caring for my hair properly you would think I knew exactly what my hair liked and what I doesn’t like, right? Wrong! About 5 weeks ago my hair told me that it has changed and so I needed to change my healthy hair practices too. When I was a natural (I like how I can relate with natural hair and relaxed hair, that is part of why I relaxed), anyway when I was a natural, my hair loved being in twists. I would twist my hair whenever I was going to rock my wigs and on loosening them I would have a little breakage but nothing to scream about.

So when I wanted to rock my wigs now after I have crossed over to the relaxed side, I decided to twist my hair like I used to. Only for me to loosen my hair after 7 days and you should see the amount of hair that came off my head, I was so surprised. Unfortunately I have decided not to cry for my hair, I was so unhappy. I decided to put my hair in cornrows instead of twists to rock the wig for another week before installing a protective style with extensions. 

When it was time to loosen the cornrows, I practically held my breath to see the amount of hair that would break and the amount was like 1/5th of the previous week’s hair breakage. And I was like what? Apparently my hair does not like twists anymore. And loosening the installed Ghana weaving and braids has confirmed that truly my relaxed hair wants cornrows and not twists.

I also discovered that my hair seems to like protein more now than when it was in its natural state. I guess it is because the protein structure has been broken down by the chemicals in the relaxer used. 

Anyhow I do hope I learn what more my hair likes quickly and less painfully, I need to get to bra strap length this year so I need to retain as much length as I can. I am even going to incorporate the inversion method every month. If I can retain as much 9 inches, I am sure I would get to my goal this year.

That is all for today. I hope you all pay attention to your hair and learn what it likes and by doing so you can easily achieve your desired hair goals in the right amount of time.

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Petite Diva


  1. I started my hair journey six month ago, but my hair breaks a lot, can you kindly suggest a potential remedy?
    Also ,I am planning to loose my 2months old braids tomorrow, I am scared of massive breakage,how can I minimize tangles and knots?

    1. I am sorry i am just seeing this. I personally use oil on my knots to help prevent massive breakage. The oil helps to make the shed hair slide off easily and then i detangle gently with my fingers or a toothpick then comb gently with a wide tooth comb. I recently started adding a bit of normal conditioner after applying the oil and it worked for the first time. I am yet to try that again.

      Then something that really helps in preventing breakage is to do a heavy protein treatment a day or a few days before installing the braids and keeping your hair moisturised and oiled during the time you have the braids. Hope my answer helps even though i am late in answering your question. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Glad you are learning more about your hair. My hair seems to like protein too. I think it's because the relaxer affects the protein levels in our hair, so we need to replenish it. Some people don't like protein at all even though they are relaxed. Sorry to hear about your internet connection. Hopefully, your provider will improve its service quickly.

    1. Thanks. It is amazing how much i am learning. I hope they behave themselves too, i have so much to post.


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