Saturday, February 7, 2015


A classic that I have read as a student but I want to read again as a working class lady
It has been almost 3 years since I went to Lagos Island and though I had been around in Lagos for a while I hadn't really been going out. The fear of headache inducing traffic had made me to restrict my movement to nearby places. And also the fact that I was not sure when my next salary would arrive (I had to be wise in my spending o).

Anyway since I was coming back to uyo I decided to get some things that I would use for practising my cocktails and mocktails. Things I can be sure I wouldn't get in uyo. Hence my trip to apogbon and Holloway. I can't remember when last I had been to Holloway, probably when I was 15 or so and I went with my mum. My problem with Lagos Island market is that I know a lot of places but don't know their names. So when my friend and mum tried to describe Holloway I still missed my way.

But luckily for me the first person that had the things I was looking for gave me directions and it was close to his shop. The guy was really helpful then again he had no choice. Apparently good luck aka customers follow me to any shop I buy things from. I made a joke that I was bringing customers for him and it seemed so. A lot of people kept coming there while I was there. Maybe they saw fine gal and they had no choice to step into his shop thinking I am the one Anyway he was nice and I got some things. But that was not what excited me.

You all know how I had been yapping about my 'one book a month' challenge right? Well I was running short of new books to read and was thinking of how to get to Ojuelegba (a place where they sell lots of books) or how I would be at the mercy of buying expensive books in uyo before I went to Lagos Island.

Well when I alighted at my bus stop I wanted to take a different route from the ones others were taking because there was so much people and I saw policemen with guns. But the other route appeared deserted and I didn't want to have to turn again. So into the crowd I went.....then I saw them. BOOKS! LOTS OF BOOKS!! Okay, maybe not loootsss but I saw books. I was like a kid in a candy store. I meant to buy two but eventually got five *coversmyface*.

While I was negotiating the prices for the books, the guy selling had to acknowledge that I liked reading. And I do, i really do. I am such a nerd but a really cool nerd....*dancingtheelectricslide*. Funny enough when I am reading any other book apart from pharmacy/medical books my mind doesn't wander. Weird uhn?!

Anyway that was my greatest purchase yesterday and I am extremely grateful to God that I can afford to buy them. They were not really expensive. I bought a total of six books yesterday (I got another one at Mile 12...*don'tscoldmeplease*) and it cost just 2800 naira (about $13...This is bad. Naira is getting worse and worse every day. Lord have mercy on us). So now I have books to read till August....yay!!

Here are the pictures of all my purchases yesterday:

I had to buy since I have 'why men marry bitches'
Beware... I am going to sell my way through life.
I want to start baking in uyo. It would help reduce my spending on biscuits...
Cocktailey and mocktailey
I made peanut butter and jelly cookies again and it came out really nice.
That is all folks. I went a bit overboard with the cocktails/mocktails stuff but if I play my cards right maybe I can get some gigs that would pay for my purchases. That would be really amazing.

Thanks for stopping by. And oh, I am now reporting from uyo....*wailing*. It is official, it is time to transfer back to Lagos. I just need to get a place close to work and not stay at my family home. It is too far from everywhere joor.

Luv ya,
Petite Diva....


  1. Sweetie, not weird at all. My mind doesn't wander with my non-medical books too.
    I can't wait to see what you do with your cocktail stuff.
    Lagos island can be a zoo sha

    1. Lol....we are one of a kind o. Zoo is an understatement and it was so hot. Thanks, I can't wait too. I just need to plan my spendong so until the next salary comes the cocktail experiment is on hold...

  2. I am from Lagos Island, stayed there for like 10 years, yet I don't really know some streets and places there.lagos island is jam-packed.

    1. Honestly i wonder how it looks empty. Everywhere seems tight/small...

  3. Wish I could teleport my self to Uyo and become your official cocktail taster,that'd be great abi? Have you considered getting books online? There are so many sites where you can get ebooks free or at reduced costs. and are good places to start from.

    1. Please come o, i need tasters. I hate ebooks. It doesn't feel right. There is something about holding the physical book. Maybe i am too much of an old school


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