Wednesday, February 18, 2015


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18th February 2015
Hey guys, today is Ash Wednesday. The beginning of lent season. The beginning of fasting and the countdown to Easter.So this post is going to be short because i just came back from church and i am tired but glad that i went. It has been almost 2 years since i went to an Ash Wednesday service in my Anglican Church (now i have ash mixed with anointing oil on my forehead).

I hope to fast this lenten season, maybe not do the whole 40 days and definitely not till 6 pm (who they want kill, i am not sure yet but i know i would definitely do something. I remember one pastor saying that during the lent that you could also give up something that you love taking or doing if you cannot fast. i love taking coke but there is no way i can give up that so i guess my only option is to fast. So what are your plans during this lent?

Before i buzz off, please welcome Moby of back from her self imposed sabbatical. I am going to kill her but let us pretend that i am happy for now. Can you imagine she practically disappeared off the grid? I was scared that something had happened to her.

Let me quickly run to her blog to say welcome and scold her. You can join me there...

Thanks for stopping by. I have two posts that i need to write. They have plenty of gist and one is going to expose me like never before. I am afraid to write it but i need to be bold and do it. By the way, i am not one to be crazy about you tube celebrities but by some awesome stroke of luck or lightning i discovered a super cool prankster and magician and dancer and singer (the guy is totally awesome and talented) on you tube. His name is Stuart Edge. The latest video he did made me fall totally in love with him. He had a valentine special which he called instant dance date. It is super lovely and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling (if you like that sort of thing, which i do). You guys need to check him out. I had watched a lot of pranksters on you tube (i was jobless due to the strike) but he is one of a kind. I like that his videos are feel good and not overally sexual like some that i watched. Okay enough yapping about him, go to you tube and check him out. Warning: you might spend hours watching his videos and finish all your data. Don't blame me o...


Luv ya,
Petite Diva


  1. Happy Ash Wednesday to you too ( a belated one though lol). Will definitely check him out

  2. Lol @ fasting instead of giving up coke. I'm a recovering Coca Cola addict and sadly it makes me gain weight like crazy.


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