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Hey guys, Happy Sunday to you. Today was fun in church today, we had Bible study Sunday which is a new type of service to me at my church. We have some new priests (at least to me) and while I really miss the previous ones, I am determined to like the new ones. Besides that is the beauty of Anglican church, no priest owns a church. They are posted to different churches after some years.

Anyway today’s topic was Tithing. A really controversial and less talked about topic in most Anglican Church (don’t ask me why?). Anyway to show that it is one topic that needed a lot of clarification and is truly controversial, the bible study session took such a long time. People had so many questions, so many contributions, so many ideas on how it should be given, when it should be given and a lot more. It was supposed to take about 1 hour but we were struggling to get through with everything even after 1hour 30 mins. The leader and the venerable had to cut people off so that we could continue with other things.

It was really eye opening to me. I am used to tithing but today I realised that tithing is much more than giving 10% of your earnings. I was reminded about the benefits of giving tithe and the consequences of not paying my tithe. The proper way to give tithe and how to give anything at all to God. I am so used to giving my tithe to the house of the lord as stated in Malachi 3:10 (I think that is the only bible verse or part of a verse that I can write in Yoruba, thanks to my home Anyway we looked at Deuteronomy 26:12-13 which in summary says that tithe should be given to the Levites (the priests/house of God), the stranger, the fatherless/orphans and the widows.

While I knew that some people would rather not give their tithe to church and gave it to motherless babies and other charitable organisations, I never knew that is was in the bible (don’t mind me, I need to attend more bible study sessions). While I was thinking about it, we were told that the church I attend usually splits the tithes gotten. They use  some for church issues, give some to orphanages, widows and help church members in need (that is what we were told in my own class) and that impressed me. I don’t know if that is the way it is done in other Anglican churches but I like knowing that the money doesn’t go straight to just one particular pocket.

The overall bible study leader for today said that if you want to pay 11 month’s tithe to the church and one month to charities, it is all good. And I truly feel so. As for me, I am trying to go a step further.

In my last post I said something about not interested in doing anything on the day of my birth. That is because I recently started a crowdfunding project to raise money for a special project that is close to my heart.

For a long time, I have always wanted to do something spectacular for kids in orphanages. I know that people always donate to them and stuff but I wanted to do more. In Nigeria, I don’t know if we have a ‘big brother/sister scheme’ where older people usually adults between the ages of 25-40 have a kid that they mentor. Or an ‘adopt an orphanage’ scheme which involves more than dropping food items or provisions for them. It involves knowing the kids and the staff and donating your time to them.

I want to mix some elements of the two scheme and make it a basis for my own foundation. Yes, i said it. I think it is finally time I register a foundation. I once told a couple of friends (I can never forget the year….2007 and time and location) that I wanted to establish a non governmental organization (NGO) and I was completely laughed at.  Fortunately for me, things like that don’t depress me instead they give me the motivation to make sure I do that thing just to say ‘I told you that I could do it’. But that experience made me realise that i should never reveal plans to people except the person thinks the same way i do. My mother who i told the idea encouraged me and said i could do it and that helped me from feeling bad (but i have never forgotten the event).

So after giving on previous occasions, I decided that it was time (actually God decided that it was time) to stop dreaming and step out in faith. I have no idea how successful the project would be but I am determined to try and have faith that it is all in God’s hands.

The plan is to take children of orphanages to places of inspiration and have some mentors talk to them to inspire them to think big. To make them understand that the fact that their beginning is spent in an orphanage and being parentless is not a limitation on how far they can go. The idea is inspire, electrify and motivate them to reach for the skies and beyond it. 

For more information please check the crowd funding project page… here  . And please help share to your network. I don’t know if this would be a success but I am determined to keep trying till it becomes a success.

I hope I didn’t bore you guys. Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a great week ahead.

I just realize I didn't leave a Nigerian bank account for Nigerians to contribute to the project. I am so sorry. For now I am using a personal account, when I finally register the foundation I would be able to get a business account.

Here are the details: 
Name: Osinubi Omowunmi
Bank Name: GTB 
Account number: 0049933867

Luv ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: I unknowingly opened a google plus page even though i said i won't. I was trying to comment on a you tube video and didn't realise that i was creating it. Oh well, it is done now. I guess i should say follow me on my google plus page, right. My name or i.d (i don't understand the thing yet) is Petite Diva. Also i need help on how to register a business and foundation with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).


  1. Awesome. I don't have much knowledge when it comes to incorporating foundations. I do know you need a board of trustees that will be vetted. I have a friend who runs an NGO. I could ask her how she went about doing hers. I'm pretty sure though that the best thing would be to simply get a lawyer to take care of it. I could recommend one if you'd like.

    I think this is a great initiative and this has inspired me to resume work on a project I abandoned long ago. You go girl. You have my support.

    1. Thank you. Please help to ask her. I would need your contact so that I can get in touch with you. Thank you so much for your support...

  2. I am proud of you dear. God will help you achieve this. Keep pushing

  3. Hiya Diva, I nominated you for the versatile award, here's the link to my blog

    1. Thanks Ms Lily, i would be sure to check it out...

  4. Awwww Omowunmi...I am so proud of you. Please let me know if theres anyway I can support in my own little way...mwahhhhh

    1. Thanks. You can help by sharing the crowd funding page so that more people can know about it and also your monetary contribution would be appreciated. Thanks a lot dear...

  5. This is quite inspiring... I have a Lawyer friend whose specialty is registration of companies with the CAC, I could forward the requirements to you privately... kudos


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