Friday, February 27, 2015


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I have got a secret...
Extra, extra, read all about it! Extra, extra, read all about it! I have got a secreeeettttt...*singing* Actually i have got two secrets.

What are the secrets? I am not going to tell you....*singing* You have to wait for the big reveal. It is going to blow your (actually it won't is still going to be a surprise).

Well, that is all for today. Just wanted to tell you guys that i have got a secreeeettttttt, no  two secrets......hahaha. don't worry all would be revealed in due time. I need to reveal it with a splash of light, action and camera. Make it new york times

Thanks for stopping by...

Oh by the way, did you guys see the dress that was trending today? Honestly it was trending all over the world. Even celebrities got involved.

Here is the picture:
Internet sensation: This picture of the dress has sparked debate, with viewers disagreeing over the colour
This is White and Gold, Period! (Anybody that says otherwise for this picture is colour blind!!!)

True colors: The dress, made by the company Roman Originals, is in fact blue and black striped
The dress on the website
A model in the Roman Originals dress
The dress on a model (i don't know why people say it is ugly, i actually like it)

At first i saw white and gold, later i saw that it was very, very light blue and gold. I showed it to my colleagues and they all said it was blue and black before they said blue and gold. I was so teased today. My senior colleague told me to wear his glasses so that i can see well. I was more than teased. But i don't care what anybody says that dress in the picture is white and gold, even if the dress is truly blue and black when seeing it on the hanger.

If you want to know the analysis that was done for why we see it differently, please check here....

Okay, now i have to run....bye

Luv ya,
Petite Diva


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