Monday, September 2, 2013


I don’t quite consider myself a fashionista (even though I know a few people that might disagree with me) but I seem to have a knack of knowing what is wrong with an outfit most of the time. I see people at work and I am like ‘what the heck is that person wearing’. Then I begin to take and remove some item mentally and add a few things to the outfit, like I was styling the person.

I know, weird uhn? But I found out I do it a lot. I know that I am not the most fashionable person but I am trying to be better. I have made some fashion mistakes due to either lack of clothes or items, or lack of energy to make an extra effort or simply making the mistakes without knowing it. I think a lot of people were able to see my fashion sense this year or late last year. I have been fashion conscious for a long time but I never had the money or knew where my size was been sold (I am a US size 2 and at least 80% of shops don’t stock my size). This year I discovered online shopping and stores that send items to Nigeria either for free or for a small fee. And abracadabra! I am kicking some serious ass in the fashion world.

I think I dress fabulously for my profession, what do I mean by that statement? Pharmacy and the medical world doesn’t really allow for some excesses in our dressing therefore i may not be able to rock the latest trend but would still be fashionable within the limit. I dress within the ‘unwritten’ code of dressing in the medical field but I also try to push the limits sometimes. I am skinny and petite and single and can get away with a lot of dress 'stunts' that I do. 

That is me. But the problem I am having with my colleagues and fellow medical professionals is that we feel cos we are in this line of profession we have to be stiff. We need to spice up our dressing but still stay within the ‘dress code’. Hospital fashion is basically office fashion taken down a lot either because of our type of work or because we are so used to dressing that way from school.

I am starting a page or a blog (not sure yet) that would try to give tips and show how hospital fashion can be fun, sexy and smart too. We are 95% of the time too serious minded; let our outfits be fun, pleasing and uplifting too. So watch out for HOSPITAL FASHION Page or Blog.

Oh, I should also mention that I am also going to give tips on both male and female dressing and after work dressing (including bedroom heating up outfit tips…..). I know I am a naughty girl but the truth be told, medical professionals are the most safest and boring people when it comes to ‘bedroom heating up’ skills and dressing. And I intend to change all that.

I might not be able to post frequently for now because I am going to need to get a camera to show you pictures of my outfit of the day but I would try to get lots of pictures from some fashion sites so you can view what i am trying to describe.

I hope you are excited as I am. Thanks for reading guys. Have a lovely week ahead.

Love ya,
Petite Diva

P.S: I just remembered that I said I was going to do a giveaway competition when I came back from SA. I am so sorry I couldn’t fulfill my promise. I thought I had bought a lot of gifts until when I started giving them out I noticed I didn’t have enough gifts for people. I even had to buy more gifts for people from Lagos and even with that I still have a lot of people I couldn’t give anything. I hope to do a giveaway soon but when I don’t really know. I would inform whenever I am able to fix the date.

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